My Bad or Oops Screwed Up Again

Posted on September 13, 2010


The invention of the computer is only out done by the invention of the internet. Not only can you find whatever information you need but you can form groups and stay in contact with each other. I wish they would have had this back in the sixties. It would have been great to stay up with the men I served with from the git go. Maybe I would be able to remember more names than I actually do. It would have been great to pass along information in order to help other Vets out.

I am also on Facebook. The other day I received a posting about an Iraqi War Vet who needed some financial help. Acting like the idiot I sometimes am, I replied how this type of thing irritated me and what was he doing to help himself and what was his fiance who had 5 children doing to help out. The man only needed a little amount of money to pay off an oversized electric bill at the house that was being foreclosed on so he could establish electrical service at his new residence. I took a lot of heat from this group and I will admit it was all deserved. Since then I have apologized to the group.

I have a hard time with Veterans asking for help. There are several reason. There are those veterans who are only looking for handouts. They do nothing to help themselves nor are they worried about improving their position in life. You can go to a lot of VA’s and see these men and women. Look outside of Wal-Mart and you can see them sitting there with an old ragged table with baseball caps and a sign saying Help the Veterans. That money goes into their pockets and nowhere else. I would have no problem with this if they just left the sign off and when asked who gets the money they would admit they do. That they are doing this to supplement their income.  There are a lot of Veterans Organizations that boost how the monies they get goes to assist Veterans in many ways. Well, 30-40% goes to help the Vets. The rest is for administration of the organization. Then you have the Non-Vet who claims to be a vet just to get a hand-out. Next time you see someone selling something to help the Vets ask him/her what was the last unit they were in or what unit did they serve in combat with. If it takes longer than 2 second for them toi start talking you can bet it is a lie. If they say they can’t remember for sure – you know that’s a lie.

You really want to help out a Vet? Go volunteer at the nearest VA hospital. Go there on Holidays just to say hi. Go there during Veterans Appreciation Week to let them know that they are respected. Seek out a veteran in your community and become their friend. All you have to do is say hi. Learn a little about them such as their birthday and then send them a card. Stop by and take them out for a cup of coffee once every month or so. Call once every two weeks or so “just to see how they are doing”.

Probably the most important thing you can do for them is say “Thank you for your Service” when every you see one. Just make sure that you come up on them from the backside or to quietly. Let them know of your presence. PTSD is for real and every man or woman reacts differently.

Don’t turn your back on every Veteran asking for help. Sometime the best help you can give them is a ride to the local VA or to a Veterans Service Organization. Sometimes a smile and a handshake will make their day.

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