Bullwhip Squadron Reunion 2012

Posted on October 16, 2012


I am not going to give a Sitrep. I will leave that to others. I am just going to post pictures. I do want to thank everyone who came. I will say a new set of Board Members have been elected. They will

begin their duties on January 1, 2013.

The Ice Breaker

Part of the 1st Cav Museum

The Bar B Q:


 Lisa jayne, Carol Bieneman, Jeanette Fellin

Millie and Larry Banks

   Pat Bieneman, Pete Guthrie, Greg Jayne

 Bille Williams and Titch

   1st Cav Division Commander MG Ierardi

The Banquet

Charlie Troops Finest

 Gene Smith, Titch, Don Coshey, Billie Williams John and Linda Youse

Steve and Marrianne Hundley

Today’s Charlie troopers with their wives

Cleveland (Julio) and Gloria Rogers

Ervin and Mrs Biers

Billl Frazer

Larry Wright A Troop 65-66

   Bob and Debbie Andrews

 Bob and Jeanette Fellin

Pat and Carol Bieneman

    Pete Guthrie

 Daniel Walton, Richard Walton, Gene Smith, Joe Nave, Teri Nave, Kathleen Walton, Titch Tichenell, Diane Walton

    Mike and Diane Askew

  Tom and karen Betts

Gordon and Susan Jones

Ernie and Rose Cairns

Greg and Lisa Jayne

  General and Mrs Shoemaker

Doug and Jean Ashworth

   Frank and Mrs McKinnon

  Transfer of Bullwhip Original Colors to  the Headhunters to be placed in 1st Cav Museum

The KIA Memorial:

And Then we said Good-bye:

The Blues are always the last to leave a PZ.

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