2015 Charlie Troop 50th Anniversary Reunion

Posted on January 27, 2015


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment will be holding A Special Reunion June 30th through July 3rd in Columbus, Georgia. We will be honoring the Men from Charlie Troop, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop and Delta Troops. Anyone who reads this and would like to attend leave a comment and I’ll answer it.

I will give a full report on the Reunion when it is over. I can not go over everything we will be doing but I can not do that now as we don’t want the 65 Guys to know what all we have planned.

We will be holding a “Wreath Laying” Ceremony and the reading of the names of “Our Fallen Brothers at the Wall” behind the National Infantry Museum. More to come later

To all Troopers planning on Attending the 2015 Reunion,

It has brought to my attention, that the cost of the meals at this Reunion are excessive. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why the costs are what they are.

My wife, Carol, has been talking to the people at the Holiday Inn and bartered for the best prices she could get. She had to get them to change the menus they had because the options they had may not have been the best for people of our age group. The following are the menus for the dinner on the 1st and 2nd:

July 1, 2015 Fried Chicken and Roasted Top Round with gravy, garden salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, buttered corn, sweet rolls and pecan pie. Drinks are included.

July 2, 2015 Glazed ham, roasted turkey with gravy, baked beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, coleslaw, rolls and peach cobbler plus drinks.

Standard cost per meal is; $23.95 plus 10% tax and 20% gratuity. Tax and Gratuity equals $7.19 making the cost of the meal $31.14.

You are being charged an additional $1.36. This additional money will be used to offset the cost of meals for the 4 Boy Scouts, the Boy Scout Leader and Tiffany and Lora. The Boy Scouts will be Posting the Colors at both the Wall Ceremony and also at the Dinner Honoring the 65 Troopers. We were going to purchase two Paver Blocks for Charlie Troop to be placed in front of the Wall at $250.00 each. The Boy Scouts worked and volunteered their time and purchased the Paver Blocks for us. Tiffany and Lora both work at the Museum and have done everything they possibly could to make our Visit and time at the museum a very special time for us.

We have asked for donations to help offset the cost of drinks ( beer, soda ect if you want hard liquor we may bring your own) and for snacks in the reunion room for the three days for many and 4 days for a lot of Troopers. Part of the donation money will be used to help purchase the Wreath that will be placed at the wall. Thanks to Phil Merritt we will not have to rent an audio system.

My wife and I choose to have the two buffet dinners because many of you will be flying into Columbus. The Inn has free transportation from the airport to the hotel and back. Many of you will not have transportation to go out and buy dinners. I Do want to express that NO ONE will be required to participate in the dinners. This is up to you. However, the dinners cannot be purchased after May 1st. We must submit a final count to the Hotel shortly there after.

We have three days of travel. On the 1st and 2nd to the museum and back and on the 3rd to Doughboy field. The Bullwhip Squadron Association has made plans to furnish us with two to three buses that can carry us to these activities.

If you have any questions you can respond to this email, email me at pcbnamin@verizon.net or call me at 859-771-6342.

Also please remember that this is NOT a Bullwhip Function and therefore we are receiving limited funds from the Bullwhip to help pay for this reunion. The Bullwhip folks were kind enough to pay me back for one item and I will explain that at the reunion.


Regretfully, I will be unable to attend the reunion as I will be in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand). Please pass on my heartfelt greetings to all of those that can attend and, most assuredly, they will be in my thoughts and prayers. I also remember fondly those that have passed like Buck Barrett, Dick Marshall, Larry Banks, Johnny Gower along with the truly GREAT hero’s that carry on the “C” Troop legacy ( Billy Williams, Chuck Knowlen, my dear friend Titch, for whom I shall be eternally grateful, Jim Reid, Gene Smith, Larry Wright, Bruce DeHart , Dave DeSloover and all of the others that are and will be remembered with pride that I knew and had the pleasure to serve with.

God bless you all until we meet on “Fiddler’s Green”.

thanks pat. I have no problem with these costs. this is a once in a few years experience and it is not your every day dinner at your local restaurant. so what if it costs us another $10 or so per meal, when we are dead, that $10 won’t mean a dam thing. so let us pay that extra $10 or so and let’s have us a real 9th cav party where we can see our old friends one more time before we are called to “fiddlers green”. it’s later than you think my friends. this will be a very special event, therefore, we should make an exception in this case and move forward with this reunion. you, your wife, and those who are helping you to make this a special event for us old timers are to be commended for giving of your time and efforts on our behalf. remember our unit’s motto: “we can, we will”. we can and will do this reunion and to hell with worrying about the extra cost of meals. When I get home from this reunion, I will remember the great time I had being with my old crewmates, not the cost of my dinners. Would Billy Nave or Dick Marshall complain about the cost of meals? hell no, they would be so happy to be with us at this reunion, they would enjoy our comradeship. forward troopers! onward to Columbus!—-mike kelley

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