A Brave Man Survives a Double IED Killed by Teenage Texter

Posted on July 24, 2016


This is a tragic story related to me by Penne Funk. It is a story that every parent ought to tell their children.

My son who is Cav has a friend that went over a double stack IED and he was the only one who survived. Mike Wilson. He did two years of surgeries, burn unit and learning to walk again at BAMC. His mother was able to help him due to the Fisher House at BAMC
Thank you so much!

Mike made a stellar come back and other than some brain damage that hurt his short term memory, he was in great shape. One Sunday coming back from San Antonio after visiting with a friend he met in the burn unit, he was T-boned by a girl texting and his neck snapped and killed him instantly! I still can’t believe he survived a double stack IED to only be killed by a texter!
That is terrible. I know that probably destroyed his mother. With your permission I would like to make a post out of this story.

Pnne’s son Spencer first met Mike in Austin Community College.

Spencer met Mike in college at Austin Community College after he got out of BAMC. He was medically discharged. It was Spencer’s first semester in college. They had to have a Physical Education class and so both met in there. A yoga class. They instantly hit it off and due to Mike having nightmares frequently he came to our house for steaks on the grill and to hang out and just relax and play video games etc. He quickly and instantly felt like my own son. He was just a great guy with a wonderful since of humor. For Halloween he invited Spencer to go to 6th street dressed up and ride the bus since he was going to be drinking. Hugh and I dropped Spencer off at his apartment and he told Hugh “I’ll take good care of your son sir! You don’t have to worry about him!” He was dressed like a Iowa farmer (costume) with overalls and no shirt and when he turned around we could see a black marker he’d had someone write on his backside where a big scar was “If you ain’t CAV, you ain’t shit!” Oh, I felt much better! LOL. He only got in one fight that night! So, about two weeks later I’m cleaning and Spencer & Mike come in and are going to his room to play a video game. Middle of the day. As they walk by they stop and Spencer says “Hi mom!” (All chipper) and Mike says “Hello Mrs. Funk!” Then they take a few steps, Spencer stops and says “Oh, I just wanted you to know, I dropped all my classes at ACC except for one.” (Like no biggie!). My mind began to race. Thinking, I asked “So you kept what, College Algebra, English, Biology, History?” Spencer, “Nope, Stretching.” (Again like no big deal.). Me, “WHAT!?!” Ready to strangle him! I’m sure I said other things about it too late to get our money back for the classes etc., you know, typical rational motherisms. Mike chimes in, “Mrs. Funk! If it makes you feel better, that class is HARD! Our instructor wears tights and is gay and he’s not an easy instructor!” Me, wanting to laugh my head off at Mike who very quickly defused the situation I told Spencer, “YOU BETTER GET AN A!” Well, he got a B! ??

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