Roger Deel

Posted on November 29, 2016


Keith Owens had sent me a note telling me that Roger Deel had passed away. I received a comment on my post from a Darrell Deel. His dad, Roger, was alive and healthy. Keith also received notification. He has been in contact with Roger now. Keith asked me to post this to my blog.

I need to apologies for a post I put up a couple of months ago of Roger Deel’s death and obituary. The obit I posted was not the Roger Deel that was in C Troop 1/9th 1st Cavalry Air Mobile during the year 1969-1970. After I posted that, I received a note from Darrell Deel, the son of the Roger Deel of C Troop, informing me that the Roger Deel was alive and well and that he was Darrell’s father. After a few messages, Darrell gave me Roger’s phone number and mailing address. I took the number and called him the next day and we talked for 1.5 hours. We reminisced about everything we could think of. I told him I had been looking for him on the Internet for a few years but had no luck until I came across the wrong obit. I told Roger if I had not posted the incorrect obit I may still be looking for him. His son Darrell happened to go onto the Cav page and saw the obit, saw the mistake and contacted me. I am asking Patrick Bieneman to retract the obit and give Roger’s info to any that would like to contact and talk to him. Unfortunately he does not have a Facebook account but his wife Betty Deel does.  His mailing address is 28187 Rich Valley Road, Meadow view, VA. 24361. Again I apologies for my mistake