Books about the 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry

Posted on April 19, 2017



1.) Apache (Alpha) Troop
Book, A Troop 9th Cavalry, by Ronald Christopher.
Book, Acceptable Loss, by Kregg Jorgenson.
Book, Apache Sunrise, by Jerry Boyle.
Book, MIA Rescue: LRRPs in Cambodia, by Kregg Jorgenson.
Book, Taking Fire, by Ron Alexander – A highly controversial memoir.
Apache Troop Memoirs in Headhunters edited by Brennan.
Bob Emery – Blue Infantryman. (Survivor of the 03/30/1966 battle)…Served 1965-1966.
Tom King – UH-1 Gunship Pilot…Served 1965-1966.
Craig Matlock – Gunship Crew Chief…Served 1966-1967.
Roger Paulmeno – LOH Scout Gunner…Served 1970.
Alan Syndergaard – LOH Scout Gunner…Served 1968-1969.
Apache Troop Memoirs in Hunter-Killer Squadron edited by Brennan.
R.B Alexander – Blue Platoon Leader…Served 1968-1969.
Ed Beal – Blue Squad Leader. (Relates a battle involving Kregg Jorgenson)…Served 1969-1970.
Lloyd Brockney – Blue Medic…Served 1968-1969.
Jack Fischer – Blue Lift and UH-1 Gunship Pilot…Served 1967-1968.
Bill Frazer – LOH Scout Pilot…Served 1970-1971.
Joe Kelbus – Blue Infantryman…Served 1967-1968.
Lou Rochet – Cobra Gunship and LOH Scout Pilot…Served 1970-1971.
Joe Salamone – Blue Lift Pilot. (Pilot at the 03/30/1966 battle)…Served 1965-1966.
John Wiegert – Blue Grenadier…Served 1966-1967.
Mike Williams – LOH Scout Gunner…Served 1970-1971.
2.) Bravo (Saber) Troop
Book, Born in Brooklyn … Raised in the Cav,” by John Flanagan.
Book, Flashing Sabers, by Bert Chole.
Article, “Here Come Burrow’s Bastards,” published in For Men Only. Long article about Major George Burrow, Bravo Troop Commander, and the soldiers he led.
Article, “The Bravo Blues,” in World Press.Com (Searching author’s name and years of service)
Saber Troop Memoirs in Headhunters edited by Brennan.
Mark Able – LOH Scout Gunner…Served 1969-1970.
Ed Arthur – OH-13 Scout Gunner…Served 1967.
Jim Black – UH-1 Gunship Door Gunner…Served 1967-1968.
Jim Borsos – Blue Machine Gunner…Served 1967-1968.
Davis Bray – OH-13 Scout Pilot…Served 1965-1966.
Mike Hanlon – Blue Infantrymen and LOH Scout Gunner…Served 1968-1970.
Lionel Hebert – Blue Platoon Sergeant…Served 1966.
Mark Keller – LOH Scott Gunner…Served 1969-1970.
Deirdre Sabine, Letters home from John Sabine – OH-13 Scout Platoon Commander…Served 1965-1966.
Saber Troop Memoirs in Hunter-Killer Squadron edited by Brennan
David Bray – OH-13 Scout Pilot…Served 1965-1966.
Larry Brown – OH-13 Scout Pilot. (Legendary “Super Scout” flew OH-13s in Bravo Troop 1967-1968, OH-58s in Charlie Troop 3/17th Cav in 1970, and LOHs in Echo Troop 1970-71).
George Burrow – Troop Commander, Won DSC as UH-1 Gunship Pilot…Served 1967-1968.
Ron Chapman – UH-1 Gunship Door Gunner…Served 1967-1968.
Rick Chesson – LOH Scout Pilot and Cobra Gunship Pilot…Served 1968-1969.
Robert Hillerby – Combat Photographer…Served 1966-1967.
Charles Hooten – LOH Gunner…Served 1969-1970.
Bob Lackey – Blue Squad Leader…Served 1967-1968.
William Neuman – UH-1 Gunship Pilot…Served 1967-1968.
Terry Young – Blue Infantryman…Served 1967.
Steve Yarnell – Blue Infantrymen. (Recounts Hospital Battle in Ia Drang Valley)…Served 1965.
3.) Charlie Troop
Book, American Boys, a novel by Steven Phillip Smith. (Based on Charlie Troop & its Blues)
Book, Snake Pilot, by Randy Zahn.
Book, Charlie Mike, a novel by Leonard Scott. (Based on Charlie Troop Blues)
Book, A Graveyard Called Two Bits, by medic Brad Smith.
Book, Real Cav, by Lynn Shrader.
Book Chapter, “A Tiger by the Tail,” in S.L.A. Marshall’s book Bird. (Charlie Blues)
Article, “Trial by Fire,” a detailed firsthand account of Ia Drang Valley Ambush published in Argosy, March, 1966.
There is a well-researched article on the Ia Drang Ambush by Joe Galloway (can’t locate title).
Postings, memoirs, and stories can be found at the Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment website/blog managed by Patrick Bieneman. They include, but are not limited to:
_______, “The Night the Latrine Died.”
_______, “The Mortar and Sgt. Bresnahan.”
Mike Askew, “From Home to Vietnam and Back Again.”
Lionel DeLaRosa, “Black Stetsons, Golden Sabers.”
Alfred DeMailo, “Beginning of Tet 1968.”
Paul Hart, “The Battle of Song Re Valley.”

Tom Criser, “Ghost in the Orange Closet”.

This listing was put together by Matt Brennan and many other members of the 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).