May 2017 News Letter

Posted on May 1, 2017


I am changing my posting of the Charlie Troop News Letter. I will post each News Letter separately from now on. This way more people will be notified that I posted them.

Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
May 2017

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action from May 1966 to May 1972:

George Slye May 2, 1970 After Transfer to Bravo Troop 1/9 Cav
Tommy Whiddon May 6, 1970
Gary McKiddy May 6, 1970
LeLand Chestnut May 10, 1970
Danny Bowers May 27, 1970
David Combs May 27, 1970
Thomas Koch May 28. 1966
James Rickerson May 31, 1971
The following Troopers and Troopettes have birthdays this month:

Gywnn Smith May 2
Marvin McMichaels May 2
Sarah Beth Johnston May 5
Tyler Clines May 10 Little Brother of Charlie Troop
Cecil Smith May 17
Carol Bieneman May 13
Jerry Jenkins May 21
Diane Gleaton (GSFM) May 23 Louis Walton
Janice Tacconi (GSFM) May 27 Frank Gonderman

The following Troopers and Troopettes will celebrate Anniversaries this month:

Pat and Carol Bieneman 5-12-70
Jerry and Teri Duckworth 5-10-71
Edd and Pamela Cyphers 5-12-80

The following is a story by George Raach on his childhood friend, Don Porter:

Donald Porter was a member of a three-man Scout Team. He was the pilot of an OH-6A Light Observation Helicopter with Warren F. Brown and Paul F. Weber as his team mates. All three were killed when their helicopter was shot down.
Don’s good childhood friend, George Raach, wrote this about his friend;

“I first met Don in 1952 at St. Michael’s school in Wheaton, Illinois when we were both seven years old. I was just recovering from Polio, my legs were still weak and my ability to move around and play sports was limited. Don, on the other hand was a great athlete who always hit home runs and could run faster than most kids.

Although it detracted from his opportunity to engage in activities, he befriended me and spent time with me, and that made my life a great deal more pleasant. As my strength increased, Don always made sure that I was part of the activities in which he was involved, whether it was softball, swimming, fishing or some other boyhood past time. I mention this because this was characteristic of Don. He was always willing to sacrifice his personal preferences for the needs of others. He always sought to include others in the activities in which he participated.

As I reflect on our relationship almost 60 years later, the things that I remember most about Don were his decency and concerns for others. Don would have been superb at whatever he chose to do with his life. Despite the passage of time, I still miss his enthusiasm for life and his genuine concern for his fellow-man.

When Don”s helicopter was hit by enemy fire it burst into flames, knowing that he was going to crash, Don headed the helicopter into the middle of an enemy force thereby saving the lives of many American Soldiers”.

Don was assigned to Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (AM) on March 4, 1969 and was Killed In Action on June 2, 1969. For his actions in Vietnam, John was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and Army Aviator Wings.

** I personally believe that if asked, both Warren and Paul would have agreed with Don’s decision to crash in the middle of the enemy. (Me)

It is stories about these great Troopers that give extra Creed to Charlie Troop.
I checked with the Parks Department in Washington, DC about holding our “Fallen Brothers” ceremony. They said I needed to purchase a permit. Cost $125.00. Then we would have to move to Area 5 (which meant we had to walk past the Vietnam Memorial) and hold it there. Then we would have to back track to the Wall. So we will not be holding a ceremony at the Wall. A separate News letter will be sent out explaining how we will hand out the rose. We have 111 Charlie Trooper’s names. We will also have 5 Delta troopers names. This is the only way that we can “Honor” our “Fallen Brothers” at the Wall. This is a copy of the name tag that will be on each rose. This one is not correct but only used for demonstration.

I want to remind everyone that time is getting short. We only have 2 ½ months before Carol must turn in Final count for both the dinners and the Buses. Once we cancel any bus(es) that we don’t need by that day we can not get them back. We must pay for the dinners shortly there after. Once any of the rooms we reserved are turned back, they can not guarantee that they can give us any more at the same price. We had reserved 50 rooms and right now we are at about 49. So if you are planning on attending reserve your room now so we may be able to ask to reserved some more.

If you think you will be in need of a wheelchair at the Memorials and you have one at home and you are driving, Please bring it with you. We are having a hard time finding a place in Gettysburg to rent them for you.

If you will need a bus with a wheelchair lift, please let us know now. We have to order that form of bus. It won’t cost any more money but we have to request it in advance and the sooner the better.
Charlie Troop Cavalry Room Guest Name

Berggren, Jerry
Betts, Tom
Bieneman, Carol
Blouin, David
Cairns, Ernest
Carpenter, Crae
Coshey, Donald
Crispino, Joe
Davidson, Alva
DeMaillo, Alfred
Duckworth, Jerry
Duckworth, Jerry
Evans, Dexter
Farmer, Gary
Farmer, Gary
Fellin, Robert
Florez, Karen
Gruetzemacher, Ed
Guthrie, Gail & Pete
Hockenbury, Jay
Jayne, Gregory
Kelly, Loyd
Libby, Jeffrey
Lillie, Warren
McKinnon, Frank
Merritt, Phil
Nave, Teri
Oesteringer, Larry & Jean
Pressman, James
Rosher, Galen
Salazar, Armond
Sameuls, Preston
Sanders, Artie
Schmotolocha, Jerry
Singletary, Claude
Smith, Anne
Smith, Cecil
Strickland, John
Titchenell, Wallace
Turner, Franklin
Tyler, James
Vansant, George
Vestal, Ron
Viningre, Donald
Williams, Billie

Several of these Troopers have more than 1 room reserved. We have 49 rooms reserved as of 4-29-2017.

I will call and ask that we have at least 10 more rooms added to our group.