Charlie Troop June News Letter

Posted on June 4, 2017


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
June 2017 News Letter

The following Charlie Trooper Gave Their All during the month of June 1966-1972:

Gary Isaacson KIA: Jun 22, 1966 Blues

Frank L. Gonderman KIA: Jun 27, 1966 Lift Crew Chief
Billy J. Nave KIA: Jun 27, 1966 C Troop Commander
Richard T. Perrin KIA: Jun 27, 1966 Lift Pilot
Louis E. Walton KIA: Jun 27, 1966 Red Crew Chief

Gerald D. Boyd KIA: Jun 21, 1967 Red Pilot
Thomas E. Campbell KIA: Jun 21, 1967 Red Pilot
Dean D. Crane KIA: Jun 21, 1967 Red Door Gunner
Howard A. Sessoms KIA: Jun 21, 1967 Red Door Gunner

*Franklin Hiner C Trp 65 KIA: Jun 6, 1968 Pilot

Gary G. Evans KIA: Jun 12, 1968 Red Crew Chief

Warren F. Brown KIA: Jun 2, 1969 Scout Crew Chief
Donald J. Porter KIA: Jun 2, 1969 Scout Pilot
Paul F. Weber KIA: Jun 2, 1969 Scout Door Gunner

* Franklin Hiner was KIA on 2nd Tour with 240th AHC**
** Attack Helicopter Company

Only by living our lives to the fullest can we Truly honor these brave men.

The following Troopers and Troopettes have birthdays during the month of June:

Pete Guthrie 6-4
John Strickland 6-7
Ross Rainwater 6-8
Rob Struck 6-13
Grace Sanders 6-17
Jeanette Fellin 6-20

The following Troopers/Troopettes have anniversaries in the month of June:

Jack and Karen Schwartz 6-14-71
Diane and Michael Gleaton 6-18-77 GSFM
Larry and Jeanie Oestringer 6-28-69
Stephen and Marianne Hundley 6-28
Pete and Gail Guthrie 6-30

We are getting down to the Nitty Gritty. All reservations at the Inn must be made before the 12th of July.

For those who have not paid for their meals and the Meet and Greet, you need to send your money before the 12th of July. I need to have it no later than the 12th because on the 14th, Carol must turn in all headcounts for meals and buses.
I am looking for one volunteer to be a bus head Monitor. Carol and I will take one bus, Teri Nave will do the second bus but now that we are on our third bus I and looking for help.
I don’t know about you all but I am getting excited. We have 2 new Gold Star Families coming. We also have 9 new Charlie Troopers coming. They may have made a Bullwhip reunion but this will be their first Charlie Troop Reunion. It seems that once you make one reunion you return year after year. As everyone knows, we have Troopers from all Troops coming and we have one Trooper who served at 2nd Brigade that attends. I call it Charlie Troop Reunion because it is not Bullwhip. We welcome all who wish to attend. We are one Big Family of Troopers and Troopettes.
Remembering one of: “Our Fallen Brothers”
John Jelich was a Scout Pilot in Charlie Troop in 1967-1968. After completion of his tour of duty he went back to the States. John served a second tour of duty, this time as a Scout Pilot with Delta Company 229th Attack Helicopter Battalion. It is on this tour that he was shot down and lost his life. John and his wife Tina had one daughter and a son on the way. This is how his sister, Maggie, remembers him.
We grew up in an average town, USA. Attending an all boys high school meant a lot of discipline, hard work and some fun. Most of our dads had been in WWII. This made the VW Bug an object of jokes. “Hitler’s Revenge”. One sunny spring day John and a few of his friends carried a VW and placed it on the front steps of the school. It meant it wasn’t big enough or strong enough to be a real car.
John was quiet. When interviewed by the AP in between tours ( he was a hero who was highly decorated) he was described as taciturn. But he loved fun and he loved his family. His dad was his best man at his wedding.
He got married in between deployments. John and Tina lived in L.A. while he finished his degree and taught Flight School. They had a beautiful daughter named Deidre. Just for fun he sent me a gift from California. A diaper full of poop.
John was killed while his wife was pregnant with their handsome son (John Anthony) who was named after him. His last conversation with just me was in our driveway. I was upset because he was going back to Vietnam. He told me very clearly that after knowing the love he has for his daughter, he had to go back to help the children of Vietnam.
So much heart ache when he was killed but when I get morose I think about how even though he died so young at least it was honorable – doing something he believed in. That thought has gotten me through watching his kids grow up. They are spectacular and his grandson is just as mischievous as his grandfather. I expect he will carry a car up some step too.

John was assigned to Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (AM) from 1967 to 1968. He was assigned to “D” Company 229 AHB (Attach Helicopter Battalion) on October 31, 1971 and was Killed in Action on April 1, 1972. John was awarded the following medals for his heroism: Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and a Set of Army Aviator Wings.

John Jelich’s daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, posted a message to the blog post on John. Her husband, John Anthony Jelich Jr., his son John Anthony Jelich III, and Brook Jelich, live in Texas and are now hoping to be able to make it to our Reunion.

If you remember one of “Our Fallen Brothers” send me an email. I love to put it on my blog and in a News Letter.
I am now have all of the Photographs to complete my mission of obtaining a Photograph of all 112 (including Major Radcliff) of our “Fallen Brothers”. I had sent a request of to the Personnel Center in St. Louis, MO under the Freedom of information Act for : James R. Whitmore, Warren F. Brown and Billy J. Talley. I received James Whitmore’s official Army Photograph and May 13th and Warren F. Brown’s official photograph on the May 15th. While I was waiting for a picture of Billy Talley from the Army, I called a Newspaper in McCrory, Arkansas and talked to a Miss Betty. She had her daughter talk to me. I explained what I was looking for and why and within two days she had me a copy of Billy’s High School Senior picture. I have also sent off for the official photographs of several of the Troopers I already have. I did this because the photographs I had of them were not very good. I must admit that when I get the photographs from St. Louis they are not in the best shape. Fifty year old cameras did not always take the best pictures. I am hoping the ones I get on the men I already have are at least better then the ones I have.

Room List for 2017 Reunion in Gettysburg, PA.

Berggren, Jerry
Betts, Tom
Bieneman, Carol
Blevins, Charles
Blouin, David
Cairns, Ernest
Carpenter, Crae
Coshey, Donald
Crispino, Joe
Davidson, Alva
DeMaillo, Alfred
Duckworth, Jerry
Duckworth, Jerry
Evans, Dexter
Farmer, Gary
Fellin, Robert
Florez, Karen
Gruetzemacher, Ed
Guthrie, Gail & Pete
Hipple, Percy “Doc”
Hockenbury, Jay
Jayne, Gregory
Kelly, Loyd
Libby, Jeffrey
Lillie, Warren
McKinnon, Frank
Merritt, Phil
Nave, Teri
Oesteringer, Larry & Jean
Pressman, James
Rosher, Galen
Sacca, John
Salazar, Armond
Sameuls, Preston
Sanders, Artie
Schmotolocha, Jerry
Schmotolocha, Jerry
Schmotolocha, Jerry
Schmotolocha, Jerry
Singletary, Claude
Skinner, Herb
Smith, Anne
Smith, Cecil
Strickland, John
Titchenell, Wallace
Titchenell, Wallace
Titchenell, Wallace
Turner, Franklin
Tyler, James
Vansant, George
Vestal, Ron
Viningre, Donald
Williams, Billy

God Bless you all. Remember “Our Reunions” are as much a BIG family reunion as it is a Unit reunion.