Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry August Newsletter

Posted on August 3, 2017


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron
9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
August 1, 2017

The following Troopers “Gave Their All” during the month of August 1965 to 1972:

Donald G. Radcliff Aug 18, 1965 Cdr C Trp 3/17 Advance Party Commander for 1/9 Cavalry

Tony Bakke                         Aug 8, 1966 Red Crew Chief
Richard Meehen                Aug 8, 1966 Red Pilot
Leslie Nickles                     Aug, 8, 1966 Red Crew Chief
Gerald Simons                   Aug 8, 1966 C Trp Commander

Honorio Fidel                    Aug 9, 1967 Forward Observer 7/14 FA
Ray Moran Jr                     Aug 9, 1967 Red Door Gunner
Francis Rochkes               Aug 9, 1967 Red Pilot
Robert Thompson            Aug 9, 1967 Red Pilot

Charles Sonnkalb Jr        Aug 16, 1968 Scout Pilot

David Kink                       Aug 3, 1969 Scout Pilot*

* David was in the helicopter with John Anderson and Edward Dennull. That helicopter was shot down July 21, 1969 resulting in the deaths of John Anderson and Edward Dennull that day.

Only by living our lives to the fullest can these men live their lives. In many cases these Troopers died protecting us whether we were in other helicopters in the Air or we were on the ground.

The Following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays in August:

Don Viningre                      August 4
Earl Reece                           August 6
Jeanie Oestringer              August 6
Rose Cairns                        August 8
Jackie Slye Deboer            August 8 Gold Star Family
Carla Lillie                          August 9
Tom Stokesberry               August 15
Terry Washburn                August 19
Marleen Hemmelgarn      August 21
Sharon Dinsmore              August 22
Ed Gruetzemacher            August 24
Galen Rosher                     August 25
Junious Jordan                  August 27
Titch Titchenell                 August 28

The follow Troopers and Troopettes have an Anniversary in August:

Jay and Carol Hockenbury              August 4, 1968 Happy 49th
Reb and Kathy Herron                     August 11,
Tom and Marleen Hemmelgarn     August 12,1967 Happy 50th
Galen and Ilah Rosher                      August 16, 1958 Happy 59th
Gerald and Jean Grimm                   August 25, 1956 Happy 61st
Herb and Comey Skinner                 August 19

This should be a very exciting Reunion we are about to embark on. Holding the reunion in Gettysburg, PA, site of one the most famous battles in American History should have been good enough. No, We are going to have with us a young 96 year old WWII Veteran, His name is Francis Chesko. He served from Utah Beach to the end of the war. He will be bring books with pictures, newspaper articles and a mind that still is as sharp as a tack. He will be there for us to honor and to talk to anyone who wants to talk to him.

On the 18th , we will also make a trip to the Washington, D.C. Mall. There we will Honor “Our Fallen Brothers” by laying a Cavalry Yellow Rose at the base of each panel where one of their name’s appears. Some panels may have 6 or more roses where other may only have 1. We will visit the “Vietnam Memorial”“ Wall”, the “Three Man Statute”, the “Vietnam Women’s Statute” and the “Korean War Memorial” before we break for lunch. We will eat lunch at Union Station and then return to the WWII Memorial. Here we will hold a small ceremony honoring the Men and Women of the “Greatest Generation”.

On the 19th, the day until 5:30 PM is yours. Dinner will be served at 5:30. The ceremonies honoring our 1967 Troopers, Our Gold Star Family Members to include the Reading of the Names of our Fallen. A ceremony to honor our newest “Little Brothers” of Charlie Troop. These are the Boy Scouts who will be Posting the Colors at the Wall, the WWII Memorial and the Honors ceremonies. They come from Boy Scout Troop 128 Phenix City, Alabama. We will honor or newest member of “The Little Sweethearts” of Charlie Troop. This will be Terissa Duckworth the grand daughter of Jerry and Teri Duckworth. Then we will induct our Newest “Honorary Charlie Trooper”. This is Scotty Viningre, son of Don and Mary Ann Viningre. Scotty will be helping out with many of the ceremonies on the 19th.

On the 20th of July, Robert LeMasters made contact with one of “Our Fallen Brothers” two brothers. Alton Roberts was Killed In Action on April 12, 1971. His brothers are Lee Roberts Jr. And Larry Roberts. Robert notified Julie Kink who in turn notified me. Of course I have extended an invitation for them to attend this reunion with us and travel to the Wall to help us Honor their brother. I have not heard back yet.

One change Carol has made to the reunion is that we will have an open bar from 7-10pm all three days. This a Pay as you go Bar NOT a free bar. Usually we have beer provide in the hospitality room but we are not allowed to do this here because the Inn has it’s own liquor License. You can not bring your own bottles of alcohol down to the hospitality room. You may bring down mixed drinks but you can not bring down the bottle itself.

An Itinerary of the reunion will be placed in a packet for each family. This a packet that you will be given when you check in. We will stick to it as much as possible. It will have all the important times on it. We will also post one on the Hospitality Room door inside and out.

It will also be our Honor to introduce the Newest Gold Star Family members of Charlie Troop. These are the family members of John A. Jelich. John served in Charlie Troop in 1968-69. He returned to Vietnam and was Killed In Action while assigned to D Company 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion on April 1, 1972. The family will include:
Cecelia (Tina) Tuttle Jelich Frost John’s widow
Deirdra Ann (Dickie) Jelich Langworthy the daughter of John
John A. Jelich II the son of John
Mike Tuttle. Mike was a Charlie Trooper in 69-70 but he was also John’s Brother-in-law.

With Deirdra, who goes by “Dickie”will be her husband, Cort and their son Vaughan.

With John, who goes by “Jake” will be his wife, Elizabeth, and sons John A. Jelich III and Brooks.

We have 14 new Charlie Troopers attending this year’s reunion. Some may have made a “Bullwhip” reunion but not a Charlie Troop reunion.

Here are the totals as of August 1, 2017:

C Troopers                                48
HHT/C Troopers                        4*
HHT Trooper                              1
Delta Trooper                             1
1/12 Cav                                       1 guest of a C Trooper
2/7 Cav                                         1 guest of a C Trooper
2nd Bde                                       1 guest of a C Trooper
GSFM’s                                       11 total representing 3 GSF’s
WWII Veteran                            1 Guest
Boy Scouts                                   8
Boy Scout Troop Lrds               2
Parents                                        2
Photographer                             1
Total 82

Family Members:        Total 69
Total 141 in attendance

* Medics are assigned to HHT and then attached down to individual units. We consider them as Charlie Troopers.

I must stress once again, The 1863 Inn does not take personal Checks. You must pay by Credit Card or Cash.

Also let me stress one more time. When we go Washington D.C. there will be three buses marked as #1, #2, and #3. Which ever bus you get on at 7am on the morning of the 18th will be the bus you get on every time. Please sit in the same seats and try to remember who is sitting around you. We will have a Bus Monitor on each bus. The Bus monitor will not be able to remember all 44 or so people. We need your help. We do not want to leave anyone behind at any of our stops. I have stated before but I will state again, the Buses are free but a taxi or to rent a car is expensive. You will receive one of my business cards in your packet. Put it in your wallet and if anything happens call me fast. I will have you bus monitor’s phone number.

God Bless everyone of you.

Here is an up date list as of 7/31 of those who will be attending the 2017 Reunion:

Artie and Grace Sanders Don and Jo Coshey Tom and Karen Betts Pat and Carol Bieneman with David and Lucy Bieneman James “Toby”Tyler and son John Crae and Peggy Carpenter James and Diane Pressman Titch Titchenell, with Grandson Greg, Carrie and great grand son Zachary John Strickland Larry and Jeanie Oestringer Gary Farmer with friends Charles Blevins (2/7 Cav) and Gary Willmon (2/12 Cav) Jeff and Carolyn Libby George and Wendy VanSant Frank turner and Margaret Yenneti Jerry and Tamara Schmotolocha with son Daniel, brother Walter and Marijka, Walter and Lidia Wilczak and Connor Tool Bob and Carla Lillie Jerry and Ellen Berggren
Dutch and Kim Florez Galen and Ilah Rosher Claude and Jean Singletary Ernie and Rose Cairns Dave and Alice Davidson Ed and Jeanie Gruetzemacher Pete and Gail Guthrie Jerry and Teri Duckworth w/son Shane and Grand Daughter Terissa Billie and Dorris Williams David and Ginny Blouins Bob and Jeanette Fellin with daughter Kelly, son in law Jason and grandson Owen Gene and Anne Smith Armond Salazar Teri Nave Cecil and Gwynn Smith and sister Brenda Don, Mary Ann and Scotty Viningre Phil and Brenda Merritt Ron and Pam Vestal Preston and Carolyn Samuels Joe Crispino Frank and Rain McKinnon Loyd Kelley Doc Hipple Herb and Comey Skinner Danny Walton and Brenda Fanase Jim and Barb Hohman Francis Chesko and daughter Sue Bruce and Sandra Campbell Ed Evans Cecelia (Tina) Tuttle Jelich Frost John A. And Elizabeth Jelich II and sons John III and Brook Deirdra (Dickie) Jelich and Cort Langworthy and son Vaughan Mike Tuttle and daughter Jennifer Al and Sally DeMailo Dexter and Donna Evans
Doc and Carol Hockenbury Ron Cepek John and Hiesook Sacca
Greg and Allcutt

I will attach photo’s of Dierdra, Cort and Vaughan   Beth, Brooks, John A. II and John A. III

. John II, Elizabeth, John III and Brooks.   Above Carol and Francis
Ray Davis a a Door Gunner. His helicopter was lost due to a mid air collision. On board that helicopter was Ernie Burns, Thomas Felton and Dewey Butler. All four Troopers perished that day. I was contacted through my blog site by the niece of Ray Davis. She told me he had a son named Matthew. His wife had remarried and never mentioned Ray again. She is reaching out trying to find information about Ray. I told her what I could and relayed the message to other Troopers. I also sent her a Certificate, a coin and a Gold Star Banner for Matthew. Just before I mailed them, she email me back and told me that Ray’s mother was still alive and she was getting ready to go see her. I sent the same items for Ray’s mother. I am also attaching a photo of Ray Davis’s Mother. She was very happy with the fact that Ray is still be honored today.

Mrs Davis

Okay, it is late on the 31st. I will be closing this newsletter now. God Bless everyone.