September News Letter

Posted on September 1, 2017


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
September 2017

“When you received this News Letter, there will only have 16 days before the beginning of another Great Reunion.

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of September 1965- 1972:

James D. Wise KIA: Sep 16, 1967 Blues

Louis E. Porrazzo KIA: Sep 27, 1967 Pilot After Trans to B Trp

Douglas Gossage KIA: Sep 26, 1968 Scout Crew Chief
John W. States KIA: Sep 26, 1968 Scout Observer
John C. Wallace KIA: Sep 26, 1968 Scout Pilot

Cordis R. White KIA: Sep 18, 1969 Blues

Ronald J. Fulton KIA: Sep 24, 1969 ** Lift Pilot 2nd Tour 25th AVN

Robert G. Fortin KIA: Sep 12, 1971 Scout Pilot

We salute and Honor each one. Always Remembered and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have birthdays or anniversaries in September:


John Powell September 3
Preston Samuels September 5
Rebecca Struck September 7
“Doc” Hockenbury September 8
Carol Tomas September 13
David Shanklin September 15
Herb Skinner September 15
Chuck Knowlen September 18
Peggy Carpenter September 19
Delanie Brazier September 22 “Little Sweetheart of “C” Troop
Tom Criser September 22
Tommy Peppers September 23
Teri Duckworth September 27
Jerry Duckworth September 30
Stephanie Wright September 30


Jerry and Tamara Schomotolocha September 2
Dexter and Donna Evans September 4
Frank and Rain McKinnon September 15
Tommy and Karen Betts September 21
Terry and Heidi Washburn September 27

We have a live 60’s style band performing for us at the Meet and Greet. Remember to bring your dancing shoes (or socks). Also, remember to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes for the 2nd day trip to Washington DC.

The Band that will be playing at our Meet and Greet cut their price by more than half because we are a Military Reunion. I have given them permission to put up a Tip Jar. Please show your appreciation.

If you are driving and will need a wheel chair and you have one, please bring it. We were only able to locate two wheel chairs in the Gettysburg area. We have Boy Scouts who are more than happy to escort the wheelchair Troopers/Troopettes.


Prior to the start of the Meet and Greet, we have a special presentation to do. I will also introduce all of the 1st timers to our reunion. We have at 17 Troopers making their 1st C Troop+ reunion, We also have a new Gold Star Family joining us at the Reunion and a new Gold Star Family that will be meeting us at the Wall. We have a terrific, young and energetic WWII veteran that will be with us for the first two days.

Remember, leave your political and religious beliefs at home. Also, war stories are fine, just remember, we have a lot of kids and ladies who prefer not to hear about the in-depth details.

If you want to gauge how well the reunion is going, do as I do. Stop at the door of the Hospitality room, be quite and just listen to the laughter and conversations.

Okay, here is the list of those attending this reunion. If I forgot someone, please let me know. If your name is not on this list, it is because I do not have a registration form for you. No form, no meals.

Paul Adler C 69-70
Greg and Elaine Allcut C 69-70
Jerry and Ellen Berggren C 66
Tommy and Karen Betts C 66-67
Patrick and Carol Bieneman +2 C 68-69
Dave and Ginny Blouin +1 C 67
Ernie and Rose Cairns C 66-67
Bruce and Sandra Campbell C 70-72
Crae and Peggy Carpenter C 68-69
Ron Cepek C 69-70
Francis and Sue Chesko WWII 1943-1945
Don and Jo Coshey C 65-66
Joe Crispino C 66
Dave and Alice Davidson D 65-66
Al and Sally Demailo C 70-71
Jerry and Teri Duckworth +2 C 67-68
Dexter and Donna Evans C 70-71
Ed Evans C 66-67
Gary Farmer +2 C 70-71
Bob and Jeanette Fellin+2 C 67-68
Robert and Kim Florez C 69-70
Cecelia (Tina)Tuttle Jelich Frost GSFM of John A. Tuttle KIA 4-1-72 C 68-69
Ed and Jeanie Gruetzemacher C 69-70
Peter and Gail Guthrie D+C 67-69
Percy Doc Hipple C 68-69
Jay “Doc” and Carol Hockenbury HHT/C 64-66
Jim and Barb Hohman C 67
Margaret Jelich Corcoran GSFM John A. Jelich KIA 4-1-72 C 68-69
John “Jake” and Elizabeth Jelich GSFM’s of above
Loyd Kelley C 66-67
Deirdra “Dickie”(Jelich) and Cort Langworthy +1 GSFM John A. Jelich
Robert and Debbie LemasterC70-71
Jeff and Carolyn Libby C 67
Tom and Carla Lillie 2nd BDE 65-66
Frank and Rain McKinnon HHT 69-70
Phil and Brenda Merritt C 68
Butch Mundy HHT/C 65-66
Teri Nave GSFM Billy Nave C 6-27-66
Larry and Jean Oestringer C 67-68
James and Diane Pressman +1 C 69-70
Galen and Ilah Rosher C 69-70
John and Hiesook Sacca C 68-69
Artie and Grace Sanders C 68-69
Armond Salazar C 65-66
Preston and Carolyn Samuels C 67
Jerry and Tammy Schomotolocha +6 C 65-66
Claude and Jean Singletary C 68-69
Herb and Coney Skinner C 71
Cecil and Gwynn Smith +1 C 69-70
Gene and Anne Smith C 65-66
John Strickland C 69
Walt Titchenell +5 C 65-66
Frank Turner and Margaret Yannetti 67-68
Mike Tuttle and Jennifer Tuttle 68-69
James Toby Tyler +1 C 69-70
George and Wendy Vansant C 67-68
Don, Mary Ann and Scotty Viningre HHT/C 67
Danny Walton and Brenda Fanase GSFM Louis Walton KIA 6-27-66
Terry and Heidi Washburn C 69-70
Billie and Doris Williams C 65-66

We will also have 8 Boy scouts from Troop 128, Phenix City, Alabama along with four escorts.

The Boy Scouts are Charlie Troop’s “Little Brothers”. Along with them, Jack McKibbon (Grandson of Dave and Ginny Blouin) and Max Pressman (Grandson of James and Diane Pressman), will be Posting the Colors at the Wall, the WWI Memorial and at the beginning of the Ceremonies on the 19th.

After the Posting of the Colors on the 19th, we have a very special to me, young lady, who will sing the National Anthem. At the conclusion of the ceremonies on the 19th, this very special to me, young lady, will conclude the ceremonies with “God Bless the USA”.

REMEMBER, the 1863 Inn does not accept personal checks. You must have a Credit/debit card or cash. Remember, we will have an open (PAY AS YOU GO) bar all three nights. Soft drinks and water will be provided.

Most of all, remember to treat Carol and me nice. I am just human. I will make mistakes. Don’t let me get away with them. Just be nice and say something like ”Hey you, my name is Tom Lillie and Bob Lillie. I did not play football for Dallas Cowboys.

Remember, if you want to Place a Rose for someone you remember on the Wall let me know NOW. At the Reunion will be to Late. You will be given that individuals Name Tag while you are on the bus. It will be your
responsibility to attach the name tag to the rose with the Black Ribbon attached to the rose.

I am attaching a copy of a painting that was given to Don “Doc” Viningre by his sister. I will place it here.


I think I have covered everything. If anyone has any questions now is the time to ask. On the 9th of September, Carol and I fly out to Pennsylvania to begin the final preparations for the reunion.

God Bless,

Carol and I are looking forward to seeing all of our Family to include the newest members so be safe.