October 2017 Charlie Troop News Letter

Posted on October 1, 2017


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
October 2017

I hope everyone had a most enjoyable and rememberable time at the 2017 Charlie Troop+ Reunion.

The following Charlie Troopers “Gave Thier All” during the month of October 1965 – 1972:

John Musgrove October 4, 1965
Charles DeArmaral October 4, 1965

Willie Green October 3, 1966

Roger Carroll October 30, 1969

Rae Bailey October 18, 1970
William Cahill October 18, 1970
Douglas Strait October 18, 1970 MIA until officially pronounced KIA in 1975.

David Bryant October 19. 1970

*I had been giving out the wrong information about the incident involving the three Troopers above. Their helicopter was shot down in Vietnam and not Cambodia.

Only by us living our lives to the fullest can these Brave Troopers continue to Live.

We salute and Honor each of these Men. Always remembered and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have birthdays this month:

John Sacca October 2
David Blouin October 6
Tammy Schmotolocha October 12
Barb Hohman October 14
Vincent Nelson October 16
Paul Adler October 19
Artie Sanders October 20
Anne Smith October 25
Peggy Goldsberry October 25
Tiffany Hoffmann October 26
Karen Betts October 31
Greg Alcutt October 31

The following Trooper/Troopettes have anniversaries in October:

Bob and Jeanette Fellin October 4
Artie and Grace Sanders October 24

This is a short News Letter as Carol and I will be leaving shortly for a trip to Europe. We want to Thank everyone who donated money to us. We will use this money to pay for our first to nights in Germany. They will be at the Colmberg Castle. I will try to think of all of you while I am there but no guarantees.

In order to confirm a room at the Holiday Inn in Pigeon before the 15 of October you must call 866-613-0404 or 800-555-2650. Tell them you want to book under  CT9. The other number given out is the National Holiday Inn reservations number and they can only make room assignments 50 weeks out.

When I come back in November, I will start getting more information out.

I am still waiting for emails from all of you telling me about new grandchildren, trips you made or anything else you may have been involved in.

I have posted an After Action Report about the 2017 reunion on http://www.patrickbieneman.com. Please feel free to leave comments about the reunion good or bad and as soon as possible I will post them.

As you probably know by now, I make mistakes. Sometimes it is just because I have fat fingers. Sometimes, it is because I have to many dates in my mind and I type the wrong dates. Other time it is because what I think is right is not. What I am saying here is, if you think I am wrong, please let me know. I want the information that I put out to be correct.

To prove the point above. I put out a short email saying the dates for the 2018 Reunion changed from the 23rd,24th dand 25th to the 22nd,23rd and 34th. I also put down that the Raffle, 50/50 and Silent Auction would be held on Sunday. The Raffle, 50/50 and Silent Auction will be held on Monday night. We don’t ever hold these things on the same night that we do our Honors Ceremony.

It is with sadness that I must tell everyone that we lost another Troopette. Gloria Rogers, wife of Julio Rogers (69-70) passed away on 9/29/2017. As approved at the last Troopers Luncheon, we will send a wreath/spray from Charlie Troop.

I believe that the November News Letter may be a few days late. I don’t get back from Europe until the 7 of November.