Charlie troop News Letter December 2017

Posted on December 1, 2017


  • Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
  • Thirsty-Six News Letter
  • December 2017
Troopers and Troopettes,
These are Our Brothers who Gave Their All during the month of December 1965 – 1971:
George Gavaria             Dec   1, 1966
Clifford Smith                Dec   1, 1966
Allan Nelson                  Dec    1, 1966
Albert McAuliffe            Dec 18, 1966
Joel McDonnell              Dec 18, 1966
Melvin Crossman          Dec 13, 1967
Victor Austin                 Dec 29, 1968
Barry Kingman             Dec 29, 1968
Ronald Roberts            Dec  29, 1968
Charles Hood Jr           Dec 12, 1969
James Dean Jr.            Dec 30, 1969
Thomas Soma             Dec  30, 1969
John Buchanan           Dec 24, 1970
Christmas is coming up on us quickly. Many of us will share this time with family or friends. Some of us will be alone at this time. If you know a Cav member who will be alone and you can not get them to come be with you, at least call them during this time period. If possible, get with 2 or 3 others and ask them to call him/her as well.
   The above list is a stark reminder that many family members will have an empty chair at their table. If you can’t call them at least say a prayer for them asking God to make this a Happy occasion for them.
Twas the night before Christmas up in Fiddler’s Green
Things were quiet and there were No Cavalry Troopers to be seen
I asked the Lord “Where are all the Troopers” and he said to me
“A special request had been made and to this I agreed”
“A Trooper came up and on bended knees he said,
”You know Lord, we have not been with our families since coming to
 Fiddler’s Green”
“We would like just one more night to hold them near
And whisper something special in their ear.”
“The Lord gathered all of them around him and this is what he said”
“I grant you this evening to go to them while they are laying in bed.”
“Whisper in their ear and kiss their cheek”
“Give them what they long for and what it is you seek”
With this, each of the Trooper mounted his steed
And flew through the night with Blessed speed
So loved ones, when you wake up in the morning feeling warm and renewed
It’s because your Trooper came down, kissed your cheek, and said I LOVE YOU.
The following Troopers and Troopettes have Birthdays in December:
Elaine Allcut                    12-1
Jerry Grimm                    12-1
James Pressman             12-3
Jean Grimm                     12-4
Don Coshey                      12-6
Jo Coshey                         12-8
Coney Skinner                 12-8
Suzanne Rainwater        12–8
Larry Oestringer             12-13
Jim Hohman                   12-14
Carolyn Libby                 12-18
Rennie Norris                 12-24
Chuck Iannuzzi              12-25
Mike Bogdue                   12-27
Stephen Hundley           12-27
Mary Ann Vinnigre        12-29
Donna Evans                   12-31
Tom Lillie                         12-31
The following Troopers/Troopettes have an anniversary during December:
Tom and Nancy Stokesberry              12-3
Mike and Ruth Kelly                            12-10
Dutch and Kim Florez                         12-10
Rennie and Patricia Norris                12-16
Randy and Kim Zahn                          12-23
As you all know, Carol and I just returned from a 28 day trip to Europe. We said “good-bye” to three of our European family members who will not be with us next year.  We also became new family members. Our Belgium friends have now adopted us as Brother and Sister. This is special.
I want to take a few dozen or so lines and talk about both the Schmetzs and the Spronckens.
 Marcel and Mathilda Schmetz own and operate the “Remember Museum ‘39-45″. It is a project that they pay for through donations. They also organize many events at the Henri-Chapelle Cemetery honoring “The American Soldiers” that are buried there. They have also adopted several graves that they maintain. One of the events that they sponsor is putting roses on the graves twice a year. They also have WWII soldiers come over and stay with them for free as long as they will give one hour of their time to talk to the Belgium high school students. I will attach a few pictures. 1st is Marcel and Mathilda, and a couple showing their museum. You can go to  and see what all they do.
The other family I would like to talk about is the Sproncken family from the Netherlands.  I met Nicole on line several years ago. Her and her husband, Leon, have adopted 13 American graves in the Margratan American Military Cemetery. The day after we left, their 4 year old daughter, Ilsa, adopted her 1st grave. It is a grave of an Unknown. When they adopt a grave they must go to that grave at a minimum of twice a year to decorate them with the Dutch and American flags and put flowers (normally Roses) on them. I will attach a couple of pictures.  The picture is of Nicole, Leon, Ilsa and I holding the license plates that some of you sent me to take over there. Dave Blouin sent me one but I didn’t get it in time but I will mail it to them. The  pictures are some of the cemetery and graves there. You can see the Gold color making the information stand out This because they use the sand from either Utah or Omaha beaches and it has trace amounts of Gold in the sand.
Now it is time to start thinking of our 2018 reunion.  I have sent out a copy of the registration form in November. Please print this off and use it. It makes it much easier for Carol to keep the books up to date. It varies from the past. Also, if you have provided your birthday, anniversary and phone numbers before, you do not have to fill out those areas.  Notice that you can make your check out to Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry. You do not need to make it out to me any longer.
The prices remain as they were for the 2017 reunion except for the Meet & Greet went up $2.00 a person. The cost for children went up slightly as well.
Even if you have made reservations already, please fill out this form and return it to me. You see once again may pre-date your checks. This year we are asking to have them pre-dated no later than the 15th of July. If you may need additional time call me and we should be able to work something out.
If you know of a Trooper or you yourself may need some financial assistance please call me. No one will know except for me, Carol, you and/or the other Trooper.
I am hoping for another great turnout like this past reunion. We are the only ones who can keep “The Memory” alive. If you know of a Charlie Trooper who has not attended one of our “Charlie Troop+” reunions, talk to them and get them to come.
I just made contact wit Anthony Battel’s sister. She sent me a picture of Tony to replace the one I had on his post on my blog.
Just a reminder. Carol and I Do Not send out Christmas cards. We take the money that cards and stamps would cost and add that to the monies that we donate at this time of year.
God Bless all of you and may you have a wonderful Christmas. Let’s bring in the New Year in the Charlie Troop style. Charging head strong and with maximum enthusiasm.
We Can   We Will    We Did
_____________________________Tear off and Return with  check______________________
Charlie Troop+ 1/9 Cav Thirsty-six
Registration form for 2018 Reunion
Pigeon Forge,TN
September 22nd, 23rd and 24th
If you have attended a Charlie Troop+ Reunion in the last five years and none of your personal information has changed you do not need to fill it out again.
Trooper___________________________________________Troop____Years Served_______
Home Address___________________________________City_________________________________
State_______Zip Code________Email__________________________________________
Cell Phone_________________Home Phone_______________
Birthdays:  Trooper___Month______Day____ Spouse_M_____D_____
Wedding Anniversary Day_____Month______Year_____
Others Attending:
Children/Friends _______________________age______
                           _______________________ age______
Meet and Greet Saturday, September 22nd
Adults   $20.00 each – children 4-12: 12.00 each
Children 3 and under are Free
Number of Adults______# Children 4-12______# 3 & Under _________
Total Cost for Meet & Greet $____________
Dinner, September 23rd
Adults: $30.00 each Children 4-12  $15.00 each Children 3 & under Free
Number of Adults:______ Children 4-12_________ 3 & under_______
Total cost for Dinner: $_____________
Troopers Luncheon on the 24th “Free” ____
Dinner on the 24th
Adults: $30.00 each Children 4-12 $15.00 each 3 & under Free
Number of Adults _______ #Children 4-12______# 3 & under _____
Total Cost for dinner $_____________
Total cost for Meet & Greet       $_____________
Total cost for Dinner 9/23          $_____________
Total cost for Dinner 9/24          $_____________
Donation for Hospitality Room: $_____________
Total Reunion Cost:                   $_____________
Please make check payable to Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry or Pat Bieneman. Mail check to:
                                                 Pat Bieneman
                                                 703 Medina Way
                                        Sun City Center, FL 33573
You may pre-date your checks up to July 15th, 2018. Remember if you cancel after final meal payments are made WE CANNOT refund your money.
I will never release any of your information without asking you first.
Please feel free to contact me or Carol if you need and additional information.
Pat’s Cell: 859-771-6342    Carol’s Cell: 859-771-4180
Email address:
We are looking forward to another Great Reunion with our Cav Family.


Patrick Bieneman

C Troop 1/9 Cav Thirsty-Six