February 2018 News Letter

Posted on February 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
February 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of February 1966- 1972:

Horace Giddens 2- 2-1968
John Suydam 2-12-1968
Steven Seigler 2-13-1971

These Brave Troopers can only live by us Always Remembering them and Never Forgetting them.

The following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays this month:

Levin Cordero 2-1 Little Brother
Gerald Toman 2-3
Beverly Knowlen 2-3
Butch Mundy 2-5
John Craig 2-8
Joe Crispino 2-11
Darwin Heffner 2-14
Hiesook Sacca 2-16
Sandy McMichael 2-20
Ron Peffer GSFM 2-20
Barry Sipple 2-23
Jolie Brazier 2-23 Little Sweetheart
Debby Baker GSFM 2-26
Jacob Bess 2-24 Little Brother

The following Troopers and Troopettes have anniversaries during the Month of February:
Julian and Sarah Beth Johnston 2-1-63 55 years
Don and Jo Coshey 2-18-67 51 years
John (Jake) and Beth Jelich 2-12
Dave and Alice Davidson 2-14
John and Hiesook Sacca 2-21-76 42 years
Billie and Dorris Williams 2-15-51 66 years

If your birthday or anniversary is not listed here it is either my mistake or you have not given it to me.

We are down to 7 months until the 2018 Reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN. Once again, we are expecting a very good turn out. In April, I will put out a list of those registered and or paid.

This will be Carol and Mine 7th Charlie Troop reunion that we have organized. It is not that we are getting burnt out, however, we have made a decision on future reunions. Unless we get a lot of blow back on this, our decision is to hold the Reunions in: Pigeon Forge, TN, Columbus, GA., Branson. MO and Gettysburg, PA. I must admit that the traveling from one place to another to organize is getting more expensive and we do not take any money out of the Charlie Troop Fund. We have good contacts in all of these cities and they all have something to offer as far as activities goes.

I have also delegated the set up and running the Gold Star Family Members portion of the reunion to Teri Nave our Gold Star Family Representative.

I was able to reestablish contact with Sue and Earl Ernst. Sue is the sister of Gary G. Evans who was a Crew Chief and was Killed In Action in June 1968. Gary’s mother, Sherry, is getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday on the 5th of February. I had a Gold Star Banner embroidered with Gary’s information and a Gold Star Certificate made up and will mail them to her in hopes that she receives them prior to her birthday.

As I have said, we have about 7 ½ months before our Reunion in Pigeon Forge starts. I am asking you that if you are planning to attend to please send you registration form and check as soon as possible. Remember, you can predate your check up tp the 15th of July. They will be held until then. I also ask that you make your reservations as soon as possible. If we need additional rooms and they are available, we can have rooms added but if the hotel is booked we can not. Remember, you can cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before arrival without penalty. If you need to cancel due to medical reasons they will make an exception.

Pigeon Forge reacted positively to our requests for donations the last time we were there. Carol is once again sending out letters to the various shows asking them for tickets to be donated for the raffle. The show tickets, free hotel night, tickets to the attractions and restaurants that we get will be raffled off on Saturday night so you can enjoy them while you are there.

In the last two days, Carol sat down and typed up 45+ Letters requesting the donation of tickets/gift certificates for various shows, activities and restaurants in Pigeon Forge. She also called the Inn and made sure that the Hospitality room and Dinner/Ceremonies room was the size that we need them to be.

In April, Carol will be going to Pigeon Forge to go out into the community and ask for donations from various stores as she did last time. Remember, this is the year you are asked to bring an item for a Trooper and one for a Troopettes for the raffle and/or silent auction.

We have received several answers to our requests. We were only turned down by one so far. The best item up for auction will be a “Helicopter” flight for two”. We have also received a Family Pass for the Titanic Museum (2 adults &4 Kids) plus 4 free Burger boxes, 4 free Banana Splits and 4 breakfasts at Mel’s Diner.

Since I am being honored this year for my 50th year, Don Coshey has agreed to be the MC at the Honors Ceremony. Thank you Don.

If you know a Charlie Trooper who has not attended one of our Reunions, contact him and ask him to come. The same goes for Gold Star Families. We want as many Gold Star Families as possible coming to our reunions. These reunions are for them as well.

A LT. Kalergis gave me permission to add his story to my blog. Lt Kalergis was an FO in Charlie Troop in 1967. His story is very interesting and involves his time as an FO/Door Gunner on a Red Ship and then his time in a Loach. With stories like this that I get to post on my blog, the story and heroic actions of Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry will live on.

You all know one of my big projects has been to get a photo of everyone of our Fallen Brothers. It is also one of my projects to find every Gold Star Family I can. A few years back, I received a comment on my blog from a Roseanne T. Serbo. She is the niece of 1LT Honorio M. Fidel Jr. Honorio was Killed In Action on August 9, 1967. Honorio was a Forward Observer (FO) attach to us from the 7th Battalion, 13th Artillery, 41st Artillery Group. I do not know the exact date of his attachment. Lt Fidel was onboard a helicopter with, Robert Thompson (Pilot), Francis Rochkes, (co-pilot) and Ray Moran Jr. (Crew Chief). Miss Roseanne asked if I had know him because she was wanting information about his service in Vietnam. A few weeks ago I looked up the unit that LT Fidel was actually assigned to and made contact with them seeking information to help Roseanne. I received a fantastic email back. In it was a phone number of the Commander of the unit (Bob Adams) for her to call and talk to. 1LT Honorio M. Fidel was extremely well liked by everyone in the unit. When he was Killed, every Artillery Fire base belonging to that unit held memorial services for him. They even named a Fire Base after him.
* as I had said, there were four Troopers aboard that chopper. One was Ray E. Moran Jr and one was Honorio Moran Fidel Jr. As far as I know there is no relationship there. I am hoping that Ray Moran’s Brother and Niece will be attending this years reunion.

I have recently sent out the Itinerary for the 2018 Reunion. I hope everyone has it.

I also sent out an email about attending a show. Country Tonight has offered group rates no matter how many people we have attend. I had originally said the Friday before the Reunion and then learned that night was a closed show by the Oar Ridge Boys. So, the show we can attend with be on Tuesday the 25th. If you are planning on staying a day or two after the reunion and would like to go as a group, please let me know.

God Bless ya’ll.