March 2018 News Letter

Posted on March 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
March 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of March 1965- 1972:

Edward Kaneshiro March 6, 1967
Ronald Johns March 15, 1968
Walter Panamaroff March 15, 1968
Robert Smeal March 15, 1968
Bard Davenport March 27, 1969
Allan Harper March 27, 1969\
William Potter March 27, 1969
John Waller March 27, 1969
Joel Hageman March 12, 1971
Van Joyce March 12, 1971
John Sunquist March 27, 1968 After reassignment to Btrp

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little sisters have birthdays in the month of March:

Dexter Evans March 1
Carrie Kingman March 2 GSFM
Kathy Herron March 4
Billie Williams March 8
Teri Nave March 9 GSFM
Keith Owens March 11
Scotty Vinnigre March 12 Honorary C Trooper
Richard “Reb” Herron March 15
Don Gresham March 19
Grover Wright March 22
Tommy Betts March 24,
Becky Slye Deboer March 25 GSFM
Gail Guthrie March 25
Elizabeth Jelich March 25 GSFM
Art Harmon March 29

The following Troopers, Troopers and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of March:

Cecelia “Tina” Jelich-Frost and Norman Frost March 15, 1979
Kurt and Patty Schatz March 31,1984

A big congratulations goes out to Bob and Jeanette Fellin, their daughter Kelly, her husband Jason and Grandson Owen. Kelly and Jason are going to be proud parents again. Therefore, Bob and Jeanette will be proud grandparents again. Oh yeah, Owen said he is going to be the best Big Brother ever.

I received an email from a Steven Smith. Steven was an S-1 Clerk in HHT before being assigned to C Troop as a Door Gunner in the Red Platoon in 1966. Steven is planning on attending our reunion for the first time. He had been to a few Bullwhip reunions before. We welcome Steven to our family.

We are starting to receive a lot of checks from Troopers planning on attending this years reunion. A Few Troopers have run into problems getting rooms. We had so many on hold for us. If you call and they say they have no rooms left under CT9 call myself or Carol and we will get it straightened out. Don’t wait to long. It is easier to cancel a room then it is to get a room when the Inn is sold out. Remember, Pigeon Forge is a Tourist area.

Carol and I are now starting to work on the 2019 reunion. We are planing something we hope you will like. More to come at this years reunion.

Anyone who is not taking advantage of the new C Troop website are missing out on a lot. If you have pictures from Nam scan them and forward them to the site. Grover Wright will make sure that they are posted and that you are giving credit for them. Also, I would like to ask all Troopers to go to and review the roster. There are many names missing and many of the names are either incomplete, section assignments missing and/or dates served. The reason I am asking this because I am trying to put together a roster by year. Once I have it as complete as possible I will forward it through email to anyone that wants it. I can either send a specific year roster or the 65-71 roster.

On a sad note, as most everyone knows, Jack Schwarz passed away. Jack was a Lift Pilot in 1970-1971. I know a lot of the glory was given to the Scout and Red teams, however, I will tell you right now that Lift Pilots were the ones who Flew us Blues into Hot LZ’s and picked us up at Hot PZs. For anyone who may not know a Hot LZ is a Landing Zone where the enemy is firing at you as you land and a Hot PZ is a Pickup Zone where the enemy is firing at you as you are coming in to pick up the Blues and as you are leaving. These Pilots and crews also served as Medevac ships when the Medevac Pilots refused to go into a hot PZ to get the wounded out. The Pilots and Crew members on these choppers were as brave as any other crew. God Bless them. God Bless Jack Schwarz and his family.

Once again, some of us are planning to stay an extra night (Tuesday the 25th) to take in a show at the Country Tonite show. The staff at Country Tonight is giving as a group discount rate and are arranging for a group dinner. I sent out an email with the prices of the two dinners we could choose from. This is not a mandatory thing. You can eat where ever you want and still attend the show with us. If you want to stay and go to the show, make sure you add the 25th to your reservations now. You can always cancel the last day if you desire.

God Bless, We Can We Will and We Did