April 2018 Charlie Troop News Letter

Posted on April 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
April 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of April 1965- 1972:

Richard Noyola KIA Apr 11, 1966 Blues
Earl Grove KIA Apr 10, 1967 Maintenance
Alton Roberts KIA Apr 13, 1971 Red Door Gunner
*John Jelich (C Trp 68-69) Killed In Action on  Apr 1, 1972 Scout Pilot

Always Honored and Never Forgotten.

* John Jelich was KIA on 2nd Tour with D Company 220th Scouts

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little sisters have birthdays in the month of April:

Bob Fellin April 2
Kurt Schatz April 3
Ernie Cairns April 10
Marianne Hundley April 16
Alice Davidson April 19
George Van Sant April 19
James “Toby” Tyler April 19
Jerry Schmotolocha April 24
John Niamtu April 24
Bruce Huffman April 26
James Goldsbury April 28

The following Troopers, Troopers and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of April:

Dave and Ginny Blouin April 4 48 years
Ernie and Rose Cairns April 27 39 years
Gene and Anne Smith April 30

Five and ½ months and we will be enjoying our 2018 Reunion. I am looking for another good turn out. A few surprises in store. No hints. You will just have to be there.

I will give a list at the end of this news letter showing who has already signed up. If you haven’t and you are planning on attending you better be calling the Holiday Inn and making reservations. Remember, we are having this in Pigeon Forge, TN and that is a very popular tourist town all year around. If you call and they say they don’t have any rooms left, call Carol or myself and we will see what we can do.

I sent out an email about the Flag I had had flown over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I asked whether you thought we should hang it at the reunion and have it and the certificate encased. I said we would go with the “majority” rule. The results are: We will have the flag and certificate encased. I was for hanging it however, I have to admit that many said why take a chance of people touching it or ir getting any other type of stain. It came back from DC folded for encasement. For those who thought it should be flown we will still have our “Old Glory”flag and it will always be brought as well as the Charlie Troop Guidon.

Preparations are being made for the 2019 Reunion. The site and info will be discussed at the Pigeon Forge reunion. There will be a few surprises for that one as well.

Our Charlie Troop 1965-1971 roster is getting bigger. With the assistance of several sets of order and Trooper input we have one of the largest Troop Rosters that I know of. Any assistance you may provide us will be appreciated.

As you all know, we lost Jack Schwarz March 16, 2018. Jack was a Pilot in the Lift platoon and took many chances flying the Blues into “Hot” LZs and pulling them out of “Hot” PZs. For many years, Jack ran the old Charlie Troop website that Walker Jones had started. Carol and I provided a Cup and a card for Karen Schwarz and Charlie Troop had a spray at Jack’s internment.

The following pictures are from Jacks, Internment service.


Karen receiving Flag                                                                                          Pat, Ava, Isaiah, Dave Farrell. Kevin & Karen

The Spray from Charlie Troop

We also lost Earl Reese. Earl was one of the original Charlie Troopers who went by boat to Vietnam in 1965. Earl went to Fiddler’s Green on February 22, 2018.

Earl was a member of Chuck Knowlen’s Blues

Remember, this year we will be doing our fund raisers. Every one that possibly can bring one item for a Trooper and one item for a Troopette. They do not have to be new. If you are tired of dusting it bring it.

Troopers already registered for reunion:

Banks, Larry
Betts, Tom
Bieneman, Pat
Blevins, Charles
Blouin, David
Cairns, Ernie
Carpenter, Crae
Coshey, Don
Crispino, Joe
Davidson, Dave
Farmer, Gary
Fellin, Bob
Florez, “Dutch”
Gruetzemacher, Ed
Guthrie, Pete
Herron, Reb
Hockenbury, Jay
Jones, Gordon
Libby, Jeff
Lillie, Warren
McMichael, Marvin
Merritt, Phil
Mundy, Butch
Oestringer, Larry
Rosher, Galen
Sacca, John
Singletary, Claude
Strickland, John
Titchenell, Walt
Tyler, James “Toby”
VanSant, George
Wilmon, Gary

If you have made a reservation and you are not listed on here send me a separate email and I will check into it.

I have had several Troopers saying they plan on attending, however, they had not made reservations yet.

After this year, we will only have two more year groups to honor, 1969 and then 1970. I think we may have had one or two Troopers assigned to Charlie Troop in 1971 but if they attend they will be honored with the 1970 year group.

We will always honor “Our Fallen Brothers” and their families our “Gold Star Family members”. I would like to ask that you try to get in touch with any Gold Star Families of your year group and ask they to attend one of our reunions. I have a list, as does Teri Nave, of the email addresses of our GSFMs. Our Gold Star Family Members are sent a copy of the News Letter.

We are Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment. We are family. God has blessed us greatly by allowing we Trooper who have served together and/or in the same unit to reunite. He is now allowing us to spend time together at these yearly reunions.

Born in Strife Brothers for Life

We Can We Will We Did and Thankfully we Still Are

God Bless,