Charlie Troop June 2018 News Letter

Posted on June 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
June 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of June 1965- 1972. We will Always Honor these Brave men and We will Never Forget them.

Gary Isaacson June 22, 1966 Blues
Frank Gonderman June 27, 1966 Red Door Gunner
Billy Nave June 27, 1966 Commander
Richard Perrin June 27, 1966 Red Pilot

Louis Walton, June 27, 1966 Crew Chief
Gerald Boyd June 21, 1967 Red Pilot
Thomas Campbell June 21, 1967 Red Pilot
Dean Crane June 21, 1967 Red Crew Chief
Howard Sessoms June 21, 1967 Red Door Gunner
Gary Evans June 13, 1968 Lift Crew Chief
Warren Brown June 2, 1969 Scout Door Gunner
Donald Porter June 2, 1969 Scout Pilot
Paul Weber June 2, 1969 Scout Crew Chief
Franklin Hiner June 25, 1968 Scout Pilot 2nd Tour

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in the Month of June:

Judah Ellis June 2 Little Brother
Pete Guthrie June 4
Kathy Weed June 4
John Strickland June 7
Joe Nave June 8 GSFM
Ross Rainwater June 8
Travis Bright June 11
Rob Strunk June 13
Diane Pressman June 14
Grace Sanders June 17
John “Jake” Jelich June 17 GSFM
Edd Cyphers June 18
Jimmie Daniels June 19
Jeanette Fellin June 20
Loyd Kelly June 30

The following Troopers/Troopers and Gold Star Family Members have anniversaries in June:

Preston and Caroline Samuels June 7 49 years
Phil and Brenda Merritt June 12 48 years
Diane and Michael Gleaton June 18 GSFM
Jeff and Carolyn Libby June 19
Keith and Marilyn Owens June 20 37 years
Richard and Sharon Walton June 24 GSFM 37 years
Larry and Jeanie Oestringer June 28
Stephen and Marianne Hundley June 28 58years.

It is imperative that you send in your registration form as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. You can attach a pre-dated check ( NLT July 14th) for the meals and if you want to attend the show on the night of the 25th you can send an additional $37.50 per person. The $37.50 is for both the dinner and the show at the Country Tonite Theater. You can include the amount for the show to the one check or send a separate check if you wish.

My Hero

This month I would like to tell you about a man named Peter G. Guthrie. Pete came to C Troop in 1968. He was a relatively tall man but he had a broad smile and an aura of Confidence that made every member of the Blues know they had someone they could trust. Pete did not pretend to know everything and that is one more thing that made his men trust him even more. Pete sought the input from his squad leaders. Therefore, when Pete made up his mind, every one of us followed him with complete confidence.

Pete was a Leader in the field and in camp he was a friendly outgoing person. He was a “you can talk to me if you need” kind of man as well.

On February 19, 1969, with a Brigade Commander flying cover for us, the enemy set up a “Horseshoe Ambush” around us and then opened fire. The platoon leader from the unit with us was shot and killed instantly. When it came to returning to a rally point for medivac, the other platoon left their leader lying on the ground. Pete reached down and put the man over his shoulders and ran with him back to the rallying point. He kept the promise of “No Man Left Behind”.

I know of no man who served under Peter G. Guthrie that would not take up arms and follow him still today.

Carol and I along with Gordon and Susan Jones traveled to Orlando to watch their grand daughters compete in the National Cheerleading Competition. Jolie and Delanie are two of our “Little Sweethearts”. Jolie’s team won the National Championship for their group. Teams came from around the world as well as from all over the US. Delanie’s team had one misstep but they also performed as champions.

Jolie is the second from the right top row.

Time is getting close for this year’s reunion. Don’t forget that this year we do our auctions. Bring something for a man and a woman.

Just so you know. So far for this year’s reunion we have paid out over $9,000.00 and over $3,000 for next year’s reunion. So, bring a lot of money for the various auctions.

If you are thinking about coming and have not made your reservations yet do so as soon as you can. Total head counts for meals and shows are coming up quickly. The community is also hosting a National Choir Competition and although it is not at our Hotel that does not mean they won’t be staying at our Hotel.

Okay, one last thing. The hotel we are staying at is no longer the Holiday Inn. It has changed ownerships and it is now part of the Ramsey Hotel Group. Our prices will not change. The hotel has been completely remodeled to include new mattresses. While Carol was there last month, she slept on one of them and she said she wanted to bring it home however security caught her as she was loading it into our car.

God Bless;

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