September 2018 News Letter

Posted on September 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
September 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of September 1966- 1972:

James D. Wise KIA: Sep 16, 1967

Louis E. Porrazzo KIA: Sep 27, 1967 Trans B Troop

Douglas Gossage KIA: Sep 26, 1968
John W. States KIA: Sep 26, 1968
John C. Wallace KIA: Sep 26, 1968

Cordis R. White KIA: Sep 18, 1969

Ronald J. Fulton KIA: Sep 24, 1969 ** 2nd Tour 25th AVN

Robert G. Fortin KIA: Sep 12, 1971

Always Honored and Never Forgotten

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in September:

John Powell September 1
Charles Derrick September 2
Preston Samuels September 5
Rebecca Strunk September 7
Jay Hockenbury September 8
Carol Toman September 13
David Shanklin September 15
Herb Skinner September 15
Kim Florez September 15
Chuck Knowlen September 18
Peggy Carpenter September 19
Gary Willmon September 20
Delanie Brazier September 22 “Little Sister”
Tom Criser September 22
Tommy Pepper September 23
Randy West September 25
Teri Duckworth September 27
Jerry Duckworth September 30
Stephanie Wright September 30

The Following Troopers/Troopettes and GSFM have anniversaries during the month September:

Jerry and Tammie Schomotolocha September 2
Dexter and Donna Evans September 4, 1976 42 years
Frank and Rain McKinnon September 15
Tom and Karen Betts September 21
Terry and Heidi Washburn September 27, 1975 43 years

Okay, this is the Big month. The reunion site is totally set and Carol and I will be getting there a few days early to make sure everything is set and ready to go.

Here is a condensed version of the Itinerary:

September 22nd: Sign in 10am to 5pm. Meet and Greet from 7pm til 11pm. Every item that can be used in the area over the next week will be auctioned off prior to the start of the M&G. ***

****A Local Italian Baker is going to bring fresh pastries, bagels, muffins, Cream Cheese, fresh fruit and Orange Juice at 10am. These items are his donation to our Reunion. Tony is also bringing staff members to served these items to us. He said he will bring enough to feed 125. So if you are in the area please come to the Hospitality room and enjoy these delicious items. That means don’t overly eat that morning.

September 23rd: Hospitality room opens at 9am and closes at noon. Everyone arrives to the designated room at 1:45pm for preparation for the ceremonies. Ceremonies start at 2pm.
Dinner is at 6pm with music and entertainment.

September 25th: Hospitality room opens at 10am. Troopers meeting w/lunch begins at 12pm. Dinner is at 6pm and raffle begins at 7pm.

Remember that this is the year to bring two items from home for the Raffle or Silent Auction table. They do not need to be new items. If you are tired of looking at them or tired of dusting them, they will do. However, if you want to go out and buy something that is okay as well.

Carol and I have been working on next year’s reunion for about 6 months now. I will let you know about it in the “Trooper’s Only” luncheon.

Our Professional Photographer that we had with us last year, Alex Martin, is coming down from Pennsylvania to be at our reunion this year. His prices will be the same as last year, $5 for a 5×7, $10 for a 8×10 and his USB of all of the pictures will be $25. He will make time for family and group pictures. I will let you know for sure when that will be but right now we are thinking right after the ceremonies and just before dinner. Confirmation to come. Alex has agreed to come down for a minimum cost as his Grand Parents live in Sevierville.

Remember, there is no need to overly dress unless that is what you want to do and at the same time there is no need (and not accepted) to under dress. Thank God we have never had that problem. Our people are classy.

The following is a list of Troopers and Gold Star Family Members who will be in attendance this year:

Matthew Brennan
Danny Walton GSFM
Claude Singletary
Rayburn (Gene) Smith,
John Strickland,
Wallace Titchenell
Franklin Turner,
James Tyler
George Vansant
Donald Viningre
Galen Rosher
Larry Oestringer
Galen Mundy
Dave Davidson
Joseph Crispino
Crae Carpenter,
David Blouin
Patrick Bieneman
Tom Betts
Larry Banks
Greg Allcut
Marvin Mcmichael
Warren Lillie
Jeffery Libby
Phil Merritt
Gordon Jones
James Hohman
Jay Hockenbury
Richard Herron,
Pete Guthrie
Ed Gruetzemacher
Dutch Florez,
Robert Fellin
Gary Farmer
Charles Blevins
Jerry Duckworth
Frank McKinnon
Ernie Caims
Cecil Smith
Herbert Skinner
Mike Tuttle 68-69 and GSFM
Teri Nave GSFM
Numerous family and friends as well.

I received good news this week concerning my eyes. I will have corrective surgery on the 22nd of October. The doctor believes that will take care of my double vision completely. However, that means that all of you must put up with me wearing either an eye patch or a patch over one lense of my glasses.

Some more bad news. Don and Jo Coshey (65) will not be able to make it to the reunion this year due to a medical problem for Don. We are requesting prayers for Billie Williams, Don Coshey and Armond Salazar. All three Troopers served in 1965-1966.

God Bless all of you. If driving to the reunion, use him as your co-pilot. We want everyone to get here safely.

Pat and Carol,