November 2018 News Letter

Posted on November 1, 2018


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
November 2018

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of November 1966-1972:

James Parrett KIA:                        Nov 3, 1965*
Florendo Pascual KIA:                  Nov 3, 1965*

Benedicto Bayron KIA:                 Nov 16, 1965
Billy Knight KIA:                           Nov 16, 1965
James Riley KIA:                           Nov 16, 1965
Billy Talley KIA:                             Nov 16,1965

Terry Clark KIA:                            Nov 19, 1967

* These Troopers were killed in or around the Ia Drang Valley prior to the 7/1st Cav moving in.

When you sit down at the Table on Thanksgiving, say a prayer for those who will not have their loves with them.

The Following Troopers/Troopettes/GSFM have birthdays during the month of November:

Wendy Vansant 11-2
Gordon Jones 11-12
Paul Murillo 11-14
Susan Jones 11-17
Dennis Junger 11-18
Michael DeRhone 11-21
Dave Keel 11-24
Del Dinsmore 11-25
Dutch Florez 11-2
The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have anniversaries during the month of October:

Reb and Kathy Herron 11-2
Ernie and Jimmie Daniels 11-3
Jim and Barb Hohman 11-8 49 years
Crae and Peggy Carpenter 11-9
Gordon and Susan Jones 11-23 51 years
Ed and Jean Greutzemacher 11-26
Claude and Jean Singletary 11-27 53 years
Tom and Carla Lillie 11-29

On 24 October, I was notified that we have permission to lay the two wreaths at the Vietnam Pilot and Crew Member Memorial from 10-10:30 on the 29th of September.

I have also received notification that we will be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown on September 29, 2019 at 11:15am.

From the Tomb of the unknown we will travel to lunch and then we will return to place a wreath at the Vietnam Wall and lay our Yellow Cavalry Roses with name tags.

On October 12th, Carol, myself, Titchenell, Gene and Anne Smith, Jim Reid, Chuck Knowlen and Joe Waters all met in Lufkin, Texas for a mini reunion with Billie and Dorris Williams. For three days we had a great time. Billie Blessed us with his Beautiful smile and laughter. Dorris blessed us with her charm and grace. There were stories, laughter and tears. It was a great three days.

Next year’s reunion will be the last “Big” Charlie Troop+ Reunion. After next year’s reunion we will be going back to the simpler style of Reunion. The day time (Mostly) will be yours. We will share an evening meal each day and we will sit around laugh, talk and try to remember the old days.
If you want to attend next year’s 1/9th Cav+ Reunion please send me a short email. If you plan on being at the 2019 Reunion and you have not notified me that you received a Purple Heart while in Vietnam, send me a short email

Carol must know as soon as possible but no later than June 15th if you want to make the trip to Arlington. We must pay for the buses and give a final count shortly there after. These buses started out at $1,800.00 a piece but Carol has once again talked them down to $1,230.00 each plus an extra $20.00 per bus to park the buses in Arlington National Cemetery. Also if we will need more than 3 buses we will have to charge $10.00 per person traveling to Arlington with us. This means everyone.

Start calling the Inn and making your reservations now. You can always cancel within 72 hours of scheduled time to arrive and if a medical reason comes up, the Inn has said they would work with you.

The cut off for signing up for next year’s reunion is June 1st.

Yes, we must have a true head count for the buses by June 15th and yes you can pre-date your checks to July 15th.

Those signing up for the 2019 Reunion after June 1st may or may not be able to travel to Arlington with the rest of us.

God Bless,

Pat and Carol

___________________Tear off and send in with Check_____________

Charlie Troop 1/9 Cav Thirsty-Six
Registration Form-2019 Reunion-Gettysburg, PA
September 28th, 29th and 30th
866-953-4438 CTroop

Trooper ____________________________________Troop_______________ Date Served ________________________

Address City State______________________________________________Zip Code_______________

Email Address__________________________________________________

Cell Phone ___________________________________Home Phone______________________________________

Others Attending:

Spouse _______________________________________________
Children/Friends________________________________________ Age______________
Age ____________

Meet and Greet – Saturday, September 28th

Adults $20.00 each Number of Adults _____________________

Children 4-12 $12.00     Number of Children ______________
Children 3 and under FREE   ______________

Total Cost for Meet and Greet _________________

Dinner – September 29th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults _______________
Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children ________________
Children 3 and under FREE   _____________

Total Cost for Dinner         ____________________

Dinner – September 30th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults _________
Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children ___________
Children 3 and under FREE____________

Total Cost for Dinner        _________________________

Total Cost for Meet and Greet  __________________
Total Cost for Dinner 9/29        __________________
Total Cost for Dinner 9/30        __________________
Hospitality Room Dues – $10.00 per person_____________________
Reunion Activities Donation   ______________________

Total Reunion Cost ________________________________

Please make check payable to Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry and mail your check to:

Pat Bieneman
703 Medina Way
Sun City Center, Fl. 33573

Pre-date your check up to July 15th 2019. Remember if you cancel after final meal payments are made we can not refund your money. We will send out an email one week before final payment is due.

Please fill free to contact myself or Carol if you need any additional information.

Pat’s Cell: 859-771-6342 Carol’s Cell: 859-771-4180

Email address:

1863 Inn of Gettysburg
Reservations for Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry

Friday and Saturday $128.00 Sunday – Thursday $118.00

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