January 2019 News Letter

Posted on January 10, 2019


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
January 2019

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of January 1966 -1971

William Geis 1-27-66

Joe Kiefer 1-4-67
LeRoy Peagler 1-27-67
Harvey Howe 1-28-67

Rudolf Schrader 1-4-68

Waldo Williams 1-4-70
James Whitmore 1-4-70
Richard Donellas 1-27-70 2nd Tour
Anthony Battel 1-28-70
Michael Hunter 1-28-70

Gregory Peffer 1-22-71

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in January:

Claude Singletary 1-1
Jeanie Greutzemacher 1-2
Norman Frost 1-2
Tom Hemmelgarn 1-4
Dave Davidson 1-6
Harry Reeg 1-7
Tina Jelich Frost 1-7
Percy “Doc” Hipple 1-9
Pat Bieneman 1-11
Ed Evans 1-14
Frank Turner 1-14
Dorris Williams 1-17
Edd Hogeboom 1-18
Jeff Libby 1-19
Phil Merritt 1-20
Karen Schwarz 1-21
Tom Criser 1-21
Jim Reid 1-21
Brenda Merritt 1-27
Mary Ann Viningre 1-29
Carolyn Samuels 1-30

The following Troopers/Troopettes have anniversaries in January:

Del and Sharon Dinsmore 1-4-69 50 years
Bob and Debbie LeMaster 1-28
Ross and Suzanne Rainwater 1-31

Carol and I went to Orlando the week of December 3-7th. We went to see the ice Sculptures and to Visit with Karen Schwarz. The Ice Sculptures were a disappointment compared to the last two years. Here are a couple of pictures.

We spent the night of the 5th at the Gaylord Palms. We had a 7th Floor Balcony room. There was a brilliant light show less than 100 feet away. I put a video of it on facebook.

On the 6th, we met with Karen Schwarz. We had a great day together. Karen provided me with a lot of things that belonged to Jack. I think I now have 90% of the books written about Vietnam and or the 1/9th Cavalry. Karen is Planning on making
our Gettysburg Reunion.

Don Coshey called me the night of the 5th and told me the last scan he had done showed he had no cancer cells left in his throat. Don also told me his grand daughter. She is doing great in the Army. He is so very proud of her.

What are your kids and grand kids doing?

Gordon and Susan Jones’s two Grand daughters. Jolie and Delanie. two of our Little Sweethearts have been in two more Cheerleading competitions. They won both of them and are looking real good to capture another National Championship.

As you all know, We will be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns next September. The Troopers selected for this are: Don Coshey (NCOIC), Ed Gruetzemacher. Artie Sanders and Chuck Knowlen.

At the same time, we will be laying two wreaths at the new Vietnam Pilot and Crewmember Memorial. Pete Guthrie will be the OIC. The rest of the ceremony will go as such:

Everyone will depart off the buses by the Pilot and Crew Member Memorial site. Once the wreaths are taken off of the buses and the buses pull away, Crae Carpenter will stand to the left of the memorial and Bob Fellin will stand to the right of the memorial. Then with John Strickland and Mike Tuttle walking in front of the wreath and Herb Skinner and Jeff Libby carrying the wreath and Doc Hockenbury and Grover Wright walking behind the wreath.

At the same time. Claude Singletary will line up the Gold Star Family procession. He will have the Teri Nave and Tina Jelich-Frost line up in front of the Gold Star Wreath with Danny Walton and Jake Jelich Carrying the wreath. Behind them will be Diane Gleaton and Jennifer Tuttle walking behind the wreath and then any other GSFM’s can line behind them.

The Troopers representing the Pilot and Crew members will walk their wreath up to the left hand side memorial and set in place. Then the GSFM’s walk their wreath up to the right hand side of the Memorial and set it in place. After each wreath is in place the members may be seated.

At this time, Joe Waters will escort Galen Rosher to the podium. Galen will stop in front of the Memorial and call Troopers to attention and then Present and Order Arms. Galen will then continue on to the podium and give short speech.

When Galen is done and has sat down, Frank Turner will escort Dickie Jelich-Langworthy up to the podium where she will give a short speech. When she is done have everyone go to the Tomb of the Unknown.

We have had several requests to hold another reunion in Columbus, Georgia. Carol has been working with Ashley of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. So far, Ashley has not been able to find us a Hotel that can provide enough rooms or a Hospitality/Dining room that can hold our size of reunion. We can not divide our Troopers up and have some go to one hotel and others go to another hotel. We can not afford to rent buses for transportation back and forth to our dinners. We will continue to work with Ashley. The hotel we stayed at has been torn down and there is nothing to replace it. It appears everyone is building smaller facilities now a days. Search throughout your area and see if there is a large enough an affordable place near by. Remember the place must be able to be willing to set at least 50-70 rooms to the side for us. Have Free breakfasts, have a dining room and a meeting room large enough to hold 125 people. The dining room and the meeting room must be for free or very little cost. It must be easy to get to and have some handicapped rooms available.

Final update on my eyes after surgery. The doctor said he made a 50% improvement. I do not have to wear glasses all of the time. I do need them to read and I will need them to drive because there is so much activity going on in front of me.

God Bless one and all,