July 2019 News Letter

Posted on July 1, 2019


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
July 2019

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of July 1966 – 1972. We will Always Honor these Brave men and We will Never Forget them.

William Strobel July 9, 1967 Red Crew Chief

Stephen Moody July 2, 1969

Ernest Burns July 14, 1969 Pilot
Dewey Butler July 14, 1969 Red Crew Chief
Ray Davis July 14, 1969 Red Door Gunner
Thomas Felton July 14, 1969 Trp Commander

John Hansen July 15, 1969 Scout Pilot

John Anderson July 21, 1969 Scout Pilot
Edward Dennul July 21, 1969 Scout Observer

David Zimmerman July 28, 1979 Red Pilot
Kevin Frye July 28, 1970 Red Copilot

Gregory Antunano July 24, 1972 Scout Observer 2 Tour

The Following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members have birthdays in the month of July:

Jean Singletary July 3
Greg Jayne July 6
Walker Jones July 6
Jay Hockenbury July 8
Anne Smith July 12
Ilah Rosher July 12
Mike Tuttle July 12
Dave Rogers July 15
James Hydleman July 16
Jacky Waller July 17
Ginny Blouin July 19
Marilyn Owens July 20
Randy Zahn July 20
Frank McKinnon July 24
Ernie Daniels July 24
Crae Carpenter July 25
Robert Lemasters July 25

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family member shave anniversaries in the Month of June:

Don and MaryAnn Viningre 7-2
Chris and Marsha Smith 7-6-74 45 years
David and Ginny Blouin 7-9
Jim and Diane Pressman 7-14-68 51 years
Grover and Stephanie Wright 7-25-81 38 years

I am asking everyone who plans on attending this years reunion to PLEASE make your Reservations now. If you haven’t sent in you money for the meals PLEASE do so now. You can pre-date your checks to July 15th. However, if you have not made your reservations and your payment has not been received by July 15th a spot on one of the buses may not be available. We have not determined whether we will have two or three buses. Carol will make that determination on August 1st. The buses cost $1250.00 each. If she decides we only need two buses that is what she will order. She will not be able to ask for another one once she signs the contract so the count Carol has on August 1st will determine the number of buses required.

Carol is working on “Box Lunches” for our trip to Washington DC. We realize that many of our Troopers are finding it harder and harder to walk any distance. Those of you who have walkers or wheel chairs bring them along and we will see that to are taken from one ceremony area to another. If we can get the box lunches we will collect the money ( not Credit Cards) when you sign in. The cost of the box lunches will be 10.00 per person. That includes $2.00 tip per person for the bus drivers. The box lunches will consist of small Turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a sub roll. A bag of chips and a bag of cookies and a bottle of water will also be included. ANYONE desiring not to get a box lunch MUST let us know by July 15th. There are no other places to buy a lunch.

We are asking everyone to bring at least 1 item to be placed on a Raffle table. We will need the funds to help make down payments for next year.

God Bless,

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