August 2019 News Letter

Posted on August 1, 2019


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
August 2019

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of August 1966- 1972:

Tony Bakke Aug 8, 1966
Richard Meehen Aug 8, 1966
Leslie Nickles Aug 8, 1966
Gerald Simons Aug 8, 1966

Honorio Fidel Aug 9, 1967
Ray Moran Jr Aug 9, 1967
Francis Rochkes Aug 9, 1967
Robert Thompson Aug 9, 1967

Charles Sonnkalb Jr Aug 16, 1968

David Kink Aug 3, 1969

Always Honored and Never Forgotten

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in August:

Don Viningre 8-1
Ron McKiddy 8-4 GSFM
Jacky-Slye Jackson 8-7 GSFM
Jeanie Oestringer 8-7
Rose Cairns 8-7
Carla Lillie 8-9
Tom Stokesberry 8-15
Terry Washburn 8-19
Marleen Hemmelgarn 8-20
Sharon Dinsmore 8-22
Ed Gruetzemacher 8-24
Galen Rosher 8-25
Julius Jordan 8-27
Walt Titchenell 8-28
Patricia Fehlker 8-30

The Following Troopers/Troopettes and GSFM have anniversaries during the month August:

Jay and Carol Hockenbury 8-4
Reb and Kathy Herron 8-11
Galen and Ilah Rosher 8-16-1958 61 years
Herb and Coney Skinner 8-18
Gerald and Jean Grimm 8-25-1956 63years

Time is close. The reunion starts in 59 days. We had to return any unsold rooms back to the hotel on July 28th. We paid for the meals therefore we can not refund your money except under very special circumstance. Exception is only for medical, illness or death in the family can we return the meal cost. Then the money is actually taken out of the Reunion Fund.

This is a special year. This is the last big “Ceremonies” reunion. We will always honor our “Fallen Brothers” and our Gold Star Family Members. Then we may have a “Special Recognition” ceremony from time to time.

On September 28th we will begin our registration from 9am to 4pm. At 4pm we will close down the Hospitality room so it can be prepared for the Meet and Greet. We will begin the evening at 6pm with Lucy Bieneman singing “God Bless America”.

Six months ago, I asked Bob Fellin if he would ask his family ( wife Jeanette, Daughter Kelly and Grandson, Owen)to be the readers of the poem “It’s me who has your Back”. He said they would be proud to do so. Owen, 6, has been practicing his part of the poem since. Then last week, Kelly was offered a big promotion. The only problem is she has to be ready to go to work on Monday the 29th. So instead of denying Owen and the rest of the family from participating in the ceremonies we will have the Fellin Family read the poem after Ms Lucy sings. We will then have Grace Sanders say “Grace” for us. When she finishes, Kim Florez will start to call table numbers. When and only when your number is called, may you get up and proceed through line. After dinner, Carol will take about 15 minutes to raffle off the basket with free night at the hotel and local discounts and items that can be used in the area. Once completed it will be time for the Josh Allen Band to entertain us. Remember Josh Allen and his band mates are doing this for us at a radically reduced rate because we are Veterans. Normally they charge $1800 dollars but they are doing this for us at $600. The tip jar will be placed out again. There will be a pay as you go Bar set up from 7pm to 10pm.

This year (on September 29th) we are also going to Washington DC to lay two wreaths at the New Vietnam Pilot/Crewmember Memorial. This ceremony is scheduled for 10am , however, if we get there a little early we will start a little early. One will be laid by Pilots and Crew Members and one will be laid by our Gold Star Family Members. From there we will move to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to lay another wreath. This ceremony is scheduled for 11:15am. That time can not change. Finally we will move to the “Vietnam Wall” and lay a wreath and over 100 Cavalry Yellow Roses with name tags after we stop for lunch and a bathroom room break. The buses will load at 7am and pull out at 7:15am for Arlington and will reload at 3pm for the return trip to Gettysburg. Carol will collect the $10 each for box lunches. I had given everyone a chance to say they did not want the box lunches and NO ONE said they did not want one.

Dinner will be held at 7pm with Grace Sanders saying “Grace”. This will give everyone a chance to clean up and relax from the trip to Washington. Carla Lillie will be the caller of the table numbers this night.

On the 30th of September, we will be holding our Trooper only meeting at 8am down in the hospitality room. Grab your breakfast and coffee and come over to the hospitality room.

From 9am until 3pm is free time.

We will be honoring those Troopers who went to Vietnam in 1969,70 and 71 at 3pm sharp. We will also Honor our “Fallen Brothers” and their families, our “ Gold Star Families ”. We will start by honoring those who went to Vietnam in 1969,70 and 71. We will then Honor our Fallen brothers and our Gold Star Families.
We will leave the Hospitality/Honor room at or as close to 5pm as possible so it can be prepared for dinner.

At 6pm Grace Sanders will say “Grace” and then we will begin dinner. After dinner we will conduct our raffles and silent auctions. The remainder of the night is for Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Remember, everyone is asked to bring one item for the raffle. It does not have to be new. Tired of dusting it, bring it.

The above is a basic time line. It is subject to change and a finalized Itinerary will be included in your Welcome packet.

God Bless each of you,

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