After Action Report 2019 Reunion

Posted on October 4, 2019


The following Troopers gave their all during the month of October 1966- 1972:

John Musgrove                      October  4,1965
Charles De Armaral              October  4, 1965
Willie Green                          October 3, 1966
Roger Carroll                         October 30, 1969
Rae Bailey                              October 18, 1970
William Cahill                        October 18, 1970
Douglas Strait MIA October 18, 1970 Declared KIA on November 17, 1975
David Bryant                          October 19, 1970
Always Honored and Never Forgotten
The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in October:
John Sacca                             10-2
David Blouin                         10-6
Michael Butler                      10-9 Little Brother
Tamara Schmotolocha          10-10
Barbara Hohman                   10-14
Vincent Nelson                     10-16
Frank Weed                           10-19
Paul Adler                             10-19
Peggy Carpenter                    10-19
Artie Sanders                         10-20
Rafer Springfield                   10-21 Little Brother
Tom Criser                             10-22
Gene Smith                             10-25
Heidi Washburn                      10-27
John Mackel                            10-27
Greg Allcut                              10-31
Karen Betts                              10-31
The Following Troopers/Troopettes and GSFM have anniversaries during the month August:
Bob and Jeanette Fellin              10-4
Artie and Grace Sanders            10-24
Tom and Carla Lillie                 10-29
On Saturday, September 29th,  we began our sign-ins starting at 9:30am.  At 5pm we closed down the sign-in room so the hotel staff could set up the tables for our deli-style dinner. Six pm we changed the sign-in room over to the Hospitality room. As we were moving in, the Josh Allen Band began setting up. Once they were done, we asked everyone to raise for the Posting of the Colors and the singing our National Anthem sung by Lucy Bieneman. We had three Grand children (boys), Jack McKibben, grand son of David and Ginny Blouin, Max Pressman, grand son of Jim and Diana Pressman, Isaiah Schwarz carry in the flags and we had two grand children (girls) Ava Schwarz and Kaleigh Viningre carry in the Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry Guidon. Once the Colors were posted, Lucy sang our National Anthem. Grace Sanders said “Grace” for us and then we began to call tables to go up and walk through the dinner line. After diner, Bob Fellin and his family, wife Jeanette, daughter Kelly and Grand Son Owen read the Poem “It’s me who has your back”.
As the Troopers and Troopettes finished dinner, Josh Allen and his band mates began to play the 50/60’s and old country music tunes. This was the second time that we have used the Josh Allen Band and we have Never been disappointed. There was plenty of dancing.
The evening was full of laughter, singing and every once in a while a sob or two. There was a lot of interaction between everybody assembled. With 11 new Troopers attending their first reunion there were a lot of old friendships renewed. And since rank is only worn on Stetsons the camaraderie was great.
We also auction off a basket which contained a Free night at the hotel. Two bottles of wine, one red and one white, various types of chocolate candies and many other item which could be used in the area
Sunday was an early rise. We ate breakfast from 6am to 6:45 am. We boarded the buses at 7am and headed to Arlington National Cemetery at 7:15am. We were given “Honor Flight Status” and when we arrived at ANC gate we were escorted into the cemetery and right to the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and Crewmen Memorial and were allowed to park on the street no more than 50 feet away. We had our two young ladies carry two Charlie Troop Banners to lead the Pilot/crewmen wreath procession and the Gold Star Family Members wreath procession. Once the wreaths were in place, Charles Blevins escorted (COL) Galen Rosher to the memorial where he called the Troopers to attention and had them perform the Slow Hand Salute. The Galen walked over to the Podium and gave an excellent Speech as to what the memorial meant to him as a Pilot and a Troop a Commander. Charles escorted Galen back to his seat. Next, Frank Turner escorted Dierdra Jelich-Langworthy to the podium. Dierdra’s Father CW2 John Anthony Jelich was a C Trooper who was Killed In Action on his 2nd tour with the 229th AHB. Dierdra was 11 months old. Her brother, John Anthony Jelich II was still two months away from being born. Dierdra gave a truly heartfelt speech which included many tears of love for her Father and for Charlie Troop. Let me mention that in the Gold Star Procession was both John Anthony Jelich II and John Anthony Jelich III. The closing of the ceremony was Lucy Bieneman singing “If you’re reading this”. Dry eyes were hard to find.
We left the VHPC Memorial and moved over to the Amphitheater and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. Walking down the steps were Artie Sander ( in Blue Sports Coat), Jay “Doc” Hockenbury ( in Blue Sports coat) Don Coshey (In full Dress Blue uniform to include spurs and white gloves) and Stetson and Ed Gruetzemacher ( in full Dress Blue Uniform to include spurs and white gloves) and Stetson. It was truly a beautiful sight and memories for four Troopers and the rest of Charlie Troop.
Next, the buses to us over to street that runs along the river. They found a nice open area and pulled the buses off to the side and we embarked off the buses and had a picnic style lunch.
With lunch over, we proceed to the WWII Memorial so those who not seen it before could take the time to enjoy it. Of course those who saw it two years ago also got off the bus to enjoy it again.
We next moved over to the Vietnam Wall.  He the three boys and two girls lead us to the center of the wall carrying the US Flag, the 1st Cavalry Flag and the Guidon. A 1st Cavalry Patch wreath was place by several Troopers. Then the troopers started to place over 123 Cavalry Yellow roses with name tags for each of our Fallen Brothers. The name tag had a Purple heart, The Troopers name, Panel Number and Line number on it. As the Trooper, Troopette or Gold Star Family Member found the Troopers name on the wall, they touched the name, said the name out loud, present a Slow Hand Salute (for the Gold Star Family Member that meant bring the hand to the ans returning it to the side in 3 second segments). We also placed 123 3″x5 American flags with the roses. As this concluded we made our way over the Korean War Memorial and then back to the buses for the return trip back to Gettysburg, PA.
This night we had dinner at 7pm. We then held our Silent auction. The rest of the night was once again for talking and having drinks of your choice.
We had six Troopers take the helicopter flight to “Fiddler’s Green” this year. Billie Williams, George Vansant, Jessie James, Cecil Smith and James “Sonny” Boles. Cecil Smith three days before he died told me he wanted me to take the money he paid to come to the reunion and buy a beer for every Trooper and have them Toast Charlie Troop. I bought a ½ keg and we did just that. Of course a ½ of Keg was enough for three beers  each.
Monday morning during breakfast we held our Troopers meetings. My wife, Carol, went over the financial report and everyone seem quite pleased. I talked about next year’s reunion and that it was going to be held in Columbus, Ga. We explained that we were able to keep the prices the same as they were this year. Then everyone took off with their families to enjoy the Gettysburg area.
At 3pm we started our Honors Ceremonies. We began by Honoring those Troopers who were assigned to Charlie Troop in 1969,70 and 71. These Troopers received a coin especially designed for Charlie Troopers and a Certificate.  Next we Honored all of the Pilots and Crewmen with a coin. The Purple Heart recipients were then presented with a coin.
All five of the Grandchildren were then Honored for their participation in our reunion. Each received a certificate. The boys also received a 1st Cav Dog Tag with their Grandfathers information inscribed on the back. The two young ladies each received a certificate and a 1st Cav Wreath pin.
We completed the Honors Ceremony with Lucy Bieneman signing “Thank You Vet”.
It now was time to begin our “Fallen Brothers” ceremony. We began with Anne Smith reading the “Meaning of the Gold Star” and I read the meaning of the “Fallen Brothers/Missing Man’s table. Lucy Bieneman then sang a song written by one of our Gold Star Mothers for her sons. Mrs. Louis Walton wrote “A Sons’s Prayer”. Five of our Troopettes read the names of our Fallen Brothers to include several that had been assigned to Charlie Troop but were either reassigned or were on a second tour when they were Killed In Action. Next our Gold Star Families came up one at a time to the “Fallen Brothers Table” to light a candle and take a moment to remember their Loved ones. At the conclusion, Lucy Bieneman sand Amazing Grace.
The remainder of the evening was spent in conversations until it was time to say goodbye. Then came the Bear Hugs and the I Love you Brothers”. This reunion was considered a success once the Troopers started letting me know they had made it home.
The day we left Gettysburg, we received a phone call. The Trooper said that one of the Troopers who had just made his first reunion talked so highly of it that he wanted two registration forms for he and a friend. This what makes reunions great.
Next Year we return to Columbus, Georgia. Looking forward to that reunion.
Our reunions, I believe, are so successful because we leave our ranks on our Stetsons and we all go by first names. We have made our reunions a “Family/Military” reunion. Family always comes first. We NEVER dress up. Our reunions are always casualy