January 2020 News Letter

Posted on December 25, 2019


January 2020 News Letter

I am sending this News Letter out a few days early. So have yourself a Merry Little Christmas day. Roast you some chestnuts on an open fire. May God grant us that not one of us will have a Blue Blue Christmas.

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of January 1966 -1971

William Geis 1-27-66

Joe Kiefer 1-4-67
LeRoy Peagler 1-27-67
Harvey Howe 1-28-67

Rudolf Schrader 1-4-68

Waldo Williams 1-4-70
James Whitmore 1-4-70
Richard Donellas 1-27-70 2nd Tour
Anthony Battel 1-28-70
Michael Hunter 1-28-70

Gregory Peffer 1-22-71

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in January:

Claude Singletary 1-1
Jeanie Gruetzemacher 1-2
Norman Frost 1-2
Tom Hemmelgarn 1-4
Dave Davidson 1-6
Harry Reeg 1-7
Tina Jelich Frost 1-7
Percy “Doc” Hipple 1-9
Pat Bieneman 1-11
Ed Evans 1-14
Frank Turner 1-14
Dorris Williams 1-17
Edd Hogeboom 1-18
Jeff Libby 1-19
Phil Merritt 1-20
Karen Schwarz 1-21
Tom Criser 1-21
Jim Reid 1-21
Brenda Merritt 1-27
Mary Ann Viningre 1-29
Carolyn Samuels 1-30

The following Troopers/Troopettes have anniversaries in January:

Del and Sharon Dinsmore 1-4-69 51 years
Bob and Debbie LeMaster 1-28
Ross and Suzanne Rainwater 1-31

Now once again, we must begin on this year’s reunion. We have finished up honoring all of the men who went to Vietnam. I have tried my best to make each year’s celebration special for that group. I know that not every Trooper could make our reunions and I have tried to include many of them by sending them their certificates and coins via small mail.

Now we must look forward. Our ceremonies took up time at our reunions that will now be open. I am asking each of you, if you can think of anything that we can do now to fill that time slot. Me myself, I would just be happy having the extra time to sit around and talk. However, Carol and I will do our best to try and come up with something interesting. We will still have entertainment at our Meet and Greet. Lucy will still be singing several songs again for us. Some old and some new. We will always honor “Our Fallen Brothers” and their loved ones, our ‘Gold Star Family Members”. Carol and I have decided that this year we will “Honor” someone special. We will do this on Saturday night at the start of our ceremonies. You will have to wait and see who that is. No Hints.

Grover Wright says his Granddaughter, Haley, has caught the acting bug. She was recently in a play but now she wants a bigger part in the upcoming play abut Pirates. She officially has the acting bug.

This smile should get her far, don’t you think?



This past December saw Claude and Jean Singletary’s Granddaughter attend her Debutante Ball as most Southern Belles do.

Pictured are Claude, Jean, Daughter in law Sabrina, son Jason, Granddaughter Addison and Grandson Aida. Doesn’t Claude cleanup nicely?

Doc Jay Hockenbury’s wife, Carol, is in the hospital this Christmas. She is having a hard time breathing. Let’s send as many prayers her way as we can.

Gordon Jones just got out of the hospital. He has had a problem with nose bleeds for some time now. The other day his nose bleed so much by the time he got to the hospital they had to give him blood and fluids. The doctors went int his nose to cauterize the blood views to control the bleeding. We pray all works out for him. Just fine.

So let’s have a Great New Year and a Great 2020 Reunion. Nine months just really isn’t that far away.

God Bless each and every one of you.