December 2019 News Letter

Posted on January 19, 2020


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News letter
December 2019

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of December 65-71. We will Always Honor these Brave men and We will Never Forget them.

George Gavaria Dec 1, 1966
Clifford Smith Dec 1, 1966
Allan Nelson Dec 1, 1966

Albert McAuliffe Dec 18, 1966
Joel McDonnell Dec 18, 1966

Melvin Crossman Dec 13, 1967

Victor Austin Dec 29, 1968
Barry Kingman Dec 29, 1968
Ronald Roberts Dec 29, 1968

Charles Hood Jr Dec 12, 1969

James Dean Jr. Dec 30, 1969
Thomas Soma Dec 30, 1969

John Buchanan Dec 24, 1970

As you celebrate the Christmas Season, Say a Little Prayer for the families that are missing their Loved ones during this time.

The following Troopers/Troopettes/ GSFM have birthdays during the month of December:

Jerry Grimm Dec 2
James Pressman Dec 2
Debbie Andrews Dec 4
Elaine Allcut Dec 4
Jean Grimm Dec 4
Don Coshey Dec 6
Carolyn Libby Dec 6
Conny Skinner Dec 6
Jo Coshey Dec 8
Susan Rainwater Dec 8
Mike Bogdue Dec 10
Larry Oestringer Dec 13
Jim Hohman Dec 14
Susan Jones Dec 17
Rennie Norris Dec 24
Jennifer Tuttle Dec 25
Stephen Hundley Dec 27
Maryann Viningre Dec 29
Donna Evans Dec 31
Tom Lillie Dec 31

The Following Troopettes/Troopers and Gold Star Family Members have anniversaries during the month of December:

Tom and Nancy Stokesberry Dec 3
Mike and Dene Bogdue Dec 8
Robert and Kim Florez Dec 16 30 years
Rennie and Patricia Norris Dec 16 41 years
Gordon and Susan Jones Dec 23 52 years
Randy and Kim Zahn Dec 23

Mike Tuttle recently attended a “Veterans Day” program at his Great Nieces’ school. Mike was one of about 50 Veterans who attended this program just for the 5th grade class. Mike’s great niece Liddie stood very tall with pride next to her great Uncle as did Mike standing next to her.

Mike, because of Great Troopers like you, we Vietnam Vets will never be forgotten. Thank you.

Word came down that we lost another Charlie Trooper. Tommy Pepper died of a heart attack. I myself only got to Tommy once. That was enough for me to realize what a Great Man as well as Trooper he was a very good man.

Larry Banks called on November 13th to inform me that his brother James had passed away. James was an Air Force Veteran.

In the middle of last month, I sent out about the Marvelous work the Carla and Tom Lille are doing. I did not do this to overly pat them on the back. I did it in hopes that if you an extra $5 or $10 maybe you could find a worthy cause in the area in which you live. Christmas is the time for giving and what could be more enjoyable than know you brought a great big smile to a Mother’s and/or Father’s face on Christmas morning when they knew they were going to at least give their child/children a good meal on Christmas day or maybe small gift. God has Blessed most of us with enough money that were can give a little.

Carol and I returned from our Germany Trip last night. The trip was fantastic except for the botched up flights back home but that is for another day.

Our Brother Tom Betts needs our prayers. His doctor has found his cancer back and in more that one place. Everyone who knows Tom knows he will never give up and with fight as a true Cavalry man would. He and Karen are hoping to come to our next reunion so if you have a prayer or two for him and his doctors (don’t forget that lovely wife of his) please sen them in.

My prayer for each of our Gold Star Family members:

Twas the night before Christmas up in Fiddler’s Green

Things were quiet and there were No Cavalry Troopers to be seen

I asked the Lord “Where were all the Troopers” and he said to me

“A special request had been made and to this I agreed”

“A Trooper came up and on bended knees he said,

”You know Lord we have not been with our families since coming to Fiddler’s Green””

“We would like just one more night to hold them near

And whisper something special in their ear.”

“I gathered all of them around me and this is what I said”

“I grant you this evening to go to them while they are laying in bed.”

“Whisper in their ear and kiss their cheek”

“Give them what they long for and what it is your seek”

With this, each the Trooper mounted his steed

And flew through the night with Blessed speed

So loved ones when you wake up in the morning feeling warm and renewed

It’s because your Trooper came down, kissed your cheek, and said I LOVE YOU.


Merry Christmas and May God bless each and every one of you.