February 2020 News Letter

Posted on February 1, 2020


February 2020 News Letter

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of February 1966 -1971
Horace Giddens 2- 2-1968
John Suydam 2-12-1968
Steven Seigler 2-13-1971
These Brave Troopers can only live by us Always Remembering them and Never Forgetting them.
The following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays this month:
Levin Cordero   2-1    Little Brother
Gerald Toman   2-3
Beverly Knowlen   2-3
Butch Mundy   2-5
Joanne Gonderman   2-5   GSFM
John Craig   2-8
Joe Crispino   2-11
Darwin Heffner   2-14
Hiesook Sacca   2-16
Sandy McMichael   2-20
Ron Peffer GSFM   2-20
Barry Sipple   2-23
Jolie Brazier   2-23   Little Sweetheart
Debby Baker   GSFM   2-26
Jacob Bess   2-24   Little Brother
The following Troopers and Troopettes have anniversaries during the Month of February:
Julian and Sarah Beth Johnston   2-1-63   57 years
Don and Jo Coshey   2-18-67   53 years
John (Jake) and Beth Jelich   2-12   GSFM
Dave and Alice Davidson   2-14
John and Hiesook Sacca   2-21-76   44 years
I have to apologize to John Yorke. He sent me a picture of himself and his Grandson Seth and I did not post it last month. By looking at the  picture, it is easy to see that Seth is extremely proud of his Grandfather.
As you all know, last month we lost Keith Owens. Keith was an armament specialist. That means he kept the guns (M-16 to the Mini-guns) and the Grenade launchers both on the Helicopters and the ones the infantry carried in working order. This was a most important job. Armond Salazar made a good point. He said he couldn’t put a name with a face. So here is a picture of Keith both in Vietnam and later in life with his beautiful wife Marilyn. Keith had been fighting a very long battle with lung problems and with his muscles becoming very very weak.
We also lost Gina Nelson Jr. The beautiful Wife of Vincent Nelson Jr.  Vincent and Gina were married 49 years.
Carol Hockenbury,     wife of Jay “Doc” Hockenbury, passed away on the 24 of this month.  Carol had been fighting a long battle with a lung disease that took all of one lung and 2/3’s of the other.
 Mike Tuttle passed away on January 27th.
 Mike fought a hard battle but as usual Mike gave it his    all. Mike was a Scout Pilot. As the Platoon RTO after Jerry Duckworth left, Mike was one of those I could communicate with and that I trusted to give we Blues the best cover possible.
Carol and I met Tina and Jennifer for lunch on the 31st. We had a great time and spent about 3 hours together.
The services for Mike Tuttle will be on February 15th at 2pm at the Martin and Castle Funeral Home in Lafayette, Louisiana. The address is 600E. Farrell Rd, Lafayette, LA 70506.
To all of my Brothers and Sisters, I am asking you to please send a picture of the two of yourself and a couple pictures of you and your Spouse (if married) to me. Carol and I have been sending out cups to the widows of passing Brothers with pictures of the Trooper, the two of them and then the helicopters that were used during his tour of duty. With the last cup we sent out, I was fortunate enough to find several photos of the couple throughout the years. I am asking that if you would like us to send out a cup to please let me know if you would like her to have a helicopter cup or a cup with your life pictures on it. If you would like the pictures of your lives together, then you will need to send me the ones you want. It is best to limit the pictures to 4-6.  Will start a separate folder and place your photos into it.
This is a picture of the coffee cup Carol and I had made for Marilyn Owen. As you can see we had pictures from their life put on the mug. One picture that you may not be able to see is their wedding picture.
God Bless everyone of you,