March 2020 News Letter

Posted on March 1, 2020


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
March 2020

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of March 1966 -1971

Edward Kaneshiro March 6, 1967 Blues

Ronald Johns                   March 15,1968
Walter Panamaroff           March 15,1968
Robert Smeal                   March 15, 1968

*Jack Sunquist                 March 15, 1968

Joel Hageman                 March 12, 1971
Van Joyce                        March 12, 1971

Bard Davenport              March 27, 1969
Allan Harper                   March 27, 1969
William Potter                 March 27, 1969
John Waller                     March 27, 1969

* Jack Sundquist was KIA after Transfer to Bravo Troop.

These Brave Troopers can only live by Us Always Remembering them and Never Forgetting them and living our lives to the fullest.

The following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays this month:

Dexter Evans              3-1
Gerald Toman            3-3
Cort Langworthy        3-4 Gold Star Family Member
Kathy Herron              3-4
Teri Nave                     3-9 Gold Star Family Member
Scotty Viningre           3-12 Honorary C Trooper
Reb Herron                 3-15
Grover Wright             3-22
Tom Betts                    3-24
Becky Slye  DeBoer     3-25 Gold Star Family Member
Elizabeth Jelich            3-25 Gold Star Family Member
Gail Guthrie                 3-25

The following Troopers and Troopettes have anniversaries during the Month of March:

Tina (Tuttle/Jelich) and Norman Frost     3-15
Kurt and Patty Schatz                               3-31  36 years

As everyone knows, we have lost many of our Troopers over the past two years. Many of these have been Pilots. I have tried to communicate to the Pilots and their crews just how Thankful I am that we had these great Troopers providing coverage for us Blues. If it was not for these brave Troopers, many of us blues would have come home as casualties.

A suggestion was made that at this reunion if anyone would like to tell a “funny” story about Vietnam that we allow them the opportunity. Remember, it must be a “Funny” story and also one that would not embarrass any other Trooper without his permission.

Last month the Tuttle/Jelich families held a “Celebration of Life Ceremony” in Lafayette, La. for Mike Tuttle. This is where Mike lived the longest. Mike’s daughter, Jennifer, said they had over 100 people attend and many of them got up and told stories about Mike. Charlie Troop sent a wreath as we do for all of our Troopers who attend our reunions. Here is a photo of the wreath we sent. In the picture, you will see Jennifer wearing her Dad’s Stetson. Along with Jennifer is Tina Tuttle-Jelich-Frost ( Mike’s sister) and Annette (Mike’s Special Lady). Jennifer asked if I thought it would be okay if she wore her Dad’s Stetson to future reunions. I told her that it would not be a problem as she would be honoring her Dad by doing so.

After Mike attended his 2nd reunion, it seemed as though he had a rebirth. He became one of the happiest Troopers I know. He left the last reunion to find his first love. He reconnected with Annette. This is one of the things that makes our reunions so great. Whether it is a Trooper reconnecting with other Troopers or because of that reconnecting the Trooper starts to enjoy life once again.

When asked by those attending “We want to make a donation in Mike’s name. What would he have liked us to donate to?”, Tina told them to make a donation in Mike’s name to Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry and send it to me. If any of you want to make a donation is Mike’s name you can do the same. I know Mike would be honored.

Here is the registration form for this year’s reunion.

I have been asked by several Troopers for the Itinerary for this year’s Reunion. I am sorry to say not everything is in stone yet. Please give me until the end of June. Preliminary itinerary is Meet and Greet on Saturday, Sunday “Fallen Brothers Ceremony at the National Infantry Museum Hopefully lunch will be there as well.

Monday – Free time and Ceremonies at night. Almost everything is subject to change.

——————————Tear Off and Return—————————–

Charlie Troop 1/9 Cav Thirsty-Six
Registration Form-2020 Reunion-Columbus, GA
September 26th, 27th and 28th

Trooper _______________________________________________Troop______ Dates Served __________________

Address City State ______________________________________________________________________
Zip Code_______________________ Email Address____________________________________________

Cell Phone Home Phone_____________________________________

Others Attending:


Children/Friends Age_________________________________________


Meet and Greet – Saturday, September 26th

Adults $20.00 each Number of Adults                __________________

Children 4-12 $12.00 Number of Children          __________________

Children 3 and under FREE                                  __________________

Total Cost for Meet and Greet                             ___________________

Dinner – September 27th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults                 ______________

Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children           _____________

Children 3 and under FREE                                    _____________

Total Cost for Dinner                                              __________________

Dinner – September 28th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults                    ______________

Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children             ________________

Children 3 and under FREE                                     ________________

Total Cost for Dinner                                              _________________

Total Cost for Meet and Greet                               _________________

Total Cost for Dinner 9/27                                     _________________

Total Cost for Dinner 9/28                                     __________________

Hospitality Room Dues – $10.00 per person          _________________

Reunion Activities Donation                                 __________________

Total Reunion Cost                                                __________________

Please make check payable to Pat Bieneman and mail your check to:

Pat Bieneman
703 Medina Way
Sun City Center, Fl. 33573

You may pre-date your check up to July 15th 2020 Remember if you cancel after final meal payments are made we can not refund your money.

Please contact me or Carol if you need any additional information.

Pat’s Cell: 859-771-6342 Carol’s Cell: 859-771-4180

Email address:

Double Tree
Reservations for Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry