May 2020 News Letter

Posted on May 1, 2020


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
May 2020

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of May 1966 -1971:

James Rickerson           KIA May 31, 1967

Thomas Koch                KIA May 28, 1966

Danny Bowers              KIA May 2, 1970

George Slye                  KIA May 2, 1970*

Gary McKiddy               KIA May 6, 1970
Tommy Whiddon          KIA May 6, 1970

LeLand Chestnut          KIA May 10,1970
David Combs               KIA May 27, 1970

* George Slye was KIA after being transferred to Bravo Troop

Always Honored and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little Sisters have birthdays in the month of May:

Marvin McMichael                    May 2
Rain McKinnon                         May 3
Tyler Clines                               May 10 Little Brother
Carol Bieneman                        May 13
Richard Walton                         May 17 GSFM Louis Walton
Diane Walton Gleaton              May 23 GSFM Louis Walton
Patricia Norris                           May 24
Tommy Betts                            May 24
John Yorke                               May 25
Janice Taconni                         May 27 GSFM Frank Gonderman
Larry Donaldson                      May 29
Dickie Jelich Langworthy         May 21 GSFM John Jelich

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of May:
Perry and Debbie Smith                      May 4   46years
Greg and Elaine Allcut                        May 5    45 years
Jerry and Teri Duckworth                    May 10  49 years
Pat and Carol Bieneman                     May 13  50 years
John and Jeanie Mackel                      May 14  49 years
John and Pattye Yorke                         May 14  55 years
Randy and Thuy Schwab                     May 21  48 years

I want to thank the 11 Troopers/Troopettes who have sent in Wedding photos. I am hoping that everyone will.

I have either talked to or contacted in one way or another many of you checking on your status with this Coronavirus. Some of you are staying in touch with others have passed that information on to me. I can very happily say that so far this virus has not been tough enough to attack any Trooper or Troopette. Cav Tough.

I ask all of you to give me a separate email asking for the phone number of at least one other Trooper or Troopette so you can call them. Staying inside your own home is bad enough but not being able to talk to someone can only make it worse. Many of us are getting to that age where we have lost our spouse, our natural family members and friends are diminishing and it would just be nice to talk to someone for five minutes or so. Please be kind.

Don’t forget, this year we will open the floor for anyone who wants to tell a funny story about another Trooper or event in Vietnam. Remember it is suppose to be funny and not embarrassing and it may not be a bad idea to talk to the other Trooper before hand. NO funny R&R stories. What happened on R&R stays on R&R.

At the beginning of this email, I thanked the 11 people who have sent in Wedding Day Photos. I can now say thank you to 68 of you. I still have a few others who are searching. So, if you haven’t sent one in yet please do. Just give me the year as I put that on the bottom of the Frame. I DO NOT use the full day/month and year. Please keep those photos and dates coming. There are a lot of Gold Star Family members who received this news Letter each month. I a asking you to send in Wedding Day photos as well.

It looks more and more like this year’s reunion is going to happen. More and more states are staring to reopen. If you are planning on coming, go ahead and send in your checks. Pre-date them to July 15th. We can hold those checks for 30 days after that date. At that time we will know for sure about this years reunion. If we cannot hold it Carol and I will call each of you and ask you what to do with your check. We will be able to: 1. Shred it 2. send it back to you with the word Void written across it or 3. use it for next years reunion. You will make the decision.

God Bless every one of you,

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