June 2020 News Letter

Posted on June 1, 2020


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment
Thirsty-Six News Letter
June 2020

The following is a list of Brothers who were Killed In Action during the Month of June 1966-1972:

Frank Gonderman June 27, 1966
Billy Nave June 27, 1966
Louis Walton June 27, 1966
Richard Perrin June 27, 1966

Gerald Boyd June 21, 1967
Thomas Campbell June 21, 1967
Dean Crane June 27, 2967
Howard Sessoms June 21, 1967

Gary Evans June 13, 1968
Franklin Hiner June 15, 1968 Second Tour 1st tour1965
Warren Brown June 2, 1969
Donald Porter June 2, 1969
Paul Weber June 2, 1969

It is our Duty to make sure that these Heroes are Remembered and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Families, Little Brothers and Little Sister have birthdays in the month of June:

Kyle Lewindowski 6- 1 Little Brother
Judah Ellis 6- 2 Little Brother
Cathy Weed 6- 4
Pete Guthrie 6- 4
Jennie Mackel 6- 5
John Strickland 6- 7
Joe Nave 6- 8
Ross Rainwater 6- 8
Robert Struck 6-13
James Pressman 6-14
Grace Sanders 6-17
John “Jake” Jelich II 6-17
Edd Cyphers 6-18
Jimmie Daniels 6-20

The following Trooper and Troopettes, Gold Star Families have anniversaries during the month of June: It is so often said that Vietnam Veterans could not hold a marriage together. Look at the years of marriage below.

James and Diane Kurtz 6- 6 50 yrs
Preston and Carolyn Samuels 6- 9 51 yrs
Diane and Michael Gleaton 6-18 43 yrs
Jeff and Carolyn Libby 6-19 44 yrs
Phil ad Brenda Merritt 6-21 50 yrs
Richard and Sharon Walton 6-24 41 yrs
Larry and Jeannie Oestringer 6-28 51 yrs
Stephen and Marianne Hundley 6-28 61 yrs

Great News. John Strickland has just become a Great Grandfather. This is Miss Saylor Brooke Simmons born 5-14 weighing in at 7lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long.

On May 16th, Cortland “Vaughan” Langworthy V graduated from Conifer High School in Conifer, Colorado. Of course, Vaughan is the Son or Cort and Dickie Langworthy, the nephew of John “Jake” and Beth Jelich and the grandson of Norman and Tina (Tuttle Jelich) Frost. Vaughan will be heading off to college soon.


News Letters We are still hoping to pull off this years reunion. It looks like our hotel is getting ready to reopen on the May 30th. Carol has talked to Ginger Surprise ( yes that is her name) and Ginger sees no problems as of right now. I just want to state that if you are even thinking of making this reunion to please call and make your reservations now. You will be able to cancel your room if for any reason we cannot hold the reunion. Oh yeah, if you want to you can send in your money now as well. You may pre-date your check for July 15th. If for any reason, this reunion must be canceled Carol or I will personally call each of you and give you the choice of: having your check shredded, us writing VOID across the front of your check and mailing it back to you or applying it to next years’s reunion. One big change is once again PLEASE make the check out to Pat or Carol. We have switched banks and since we are not a “non-profit” and we don’t have a business license we can not have a business account.

Carol and I have been sitting around trying to beat our heads against the wall to figure out where to hold the 2021 reunion. There are a million and one locations that can be used other than the ones we have already used. As we have checked into many of these places, we have discovered the cost of the rooms, the cost for parking, the cost of the meals and the cost of our hospitality room are out of reach. Sometimes it is the lack of things to do in the area that causes the problem. Hopefully we have the next reunion site pinned down soon.

To me, the object of the reunions are for us to get together and rejoice in our “Brother/Sisterhood”.

We have been very fortunate up to now, Carol has always been able to do her “Priceline Negotiator” stuff and get prices to where every Trooper who wants to attend can. Just remember that we do have a fund to help those who need help. No one will ever know who we have helped. I use to say that if you have a question about this, I’d give you Billy Williams contact info. Well now you will have to talk to Galen Rosher. Better you than me. I would not like to get his ire up.

I want to thank everyone for the wedding photos you sent in. I have a total of 73 as of right now.

God Bless each and every one of you,

Love and Respect,

Charlie Troop 1/9 Cav Thirsty-Six
Registration Form-2020 Reunion-Columbus, GA
September 26th, 27th and 28th
Double Tree Inn
Reservations for Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry

Trooper Troop Date Served

Address City State
Zip Code Email Address

Cell Phone Home Phone

Others Attending:
Children/Friends Age

Meet and Greet – Saturday, September 26th

Adults $20.00 each Number of Adults
Children 4-12 $12.00 Number of Children
Children 3 and under FREE
Total Cost for Meet and Greet

Dinner – September 27th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults
Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children
Children 3 and under FREE
Total Cost for Dinner

Dinner – September 28th

Adults $35.00 each Number of Adults
Children 4-12 $20.00 Number of Children
Children 3 and under FREE

Total Cost for Dinner

Total Cost for Meet and Greet
Total Cost for Dinner 9/27
Total Cost for Dinner 9/28
Hospitality Room Dues – $10.00 per person_____________________
Reunion Activities Donation

Total Reunion Cost

Please make check payable to Pat or Carol Bieneman and mail your check to:

Pat Bieneman
703 Medina Way
Sun City Center, Fl. 33573

You may pre-date your check up to July 15th 2020 Remember if you cancel after final meal payments are made we can not refund your money.

Please contact me or Carol if you need any additional information.

Pat’s Cell: 859-771-6342 Carol’s Cell: 859-771-4180

Email address: pcbnamin@verizon.net