April 2021 Newsletter

Posted on April 2, 2021


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment

Thirsty-Six Newsletter

April 2021

News Flash: The registration form that was sent out had an extra dinner for the 28th. This was my fault. I used the same registration form that we had for the 2020 reunion. There is not a dinner on the 28th. The reunion is the 25th,26th and the 27th.

The following is a list of Our Brothers who Gave Their All during the month of April 1966-1972:

*John Jelich (Ctrp 68-69)    KIA Apr   1, 1972   Scout Pilot

Richard Noyola                     KIA Apr 11, 1966      Blues

Earl Grove                            KIA Apr 10, 1967     Maintenance

Alton Roberts                       KIA Apr 13, 1971   Scout Door Gunner

Always Honored and Never Forgotten.

* John Jelich was KIA on 2nd Tour with D Company 229th Scouts

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little sisters have birthdays in the month of April:

Brandon Wood                  April 2      Little Brother

Bob Fellin                          April 2

Kurt Schatz                        April 3

Ernie Cairns                       April 10

Marianne Hundley             April 16

Alice Davidson                  April 19

James “Toby” Tyler          April 19

Jerry Schmotolocha          April 24

John Niamtu                     April 24

Elaine Allcut                    April 24

Jacob Best                        April 24 Little Brother

Bruce Huffman                April 26

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of April: 

Dave and Ginny Blouin               April 4        51 years

Marvin and Sandy McMichael    April 19

Ernie and Rose Cairns                 April 27      42years

Gene and Anne Smith                 April 30      50 years

We are expecting a good attendance at this year’s reunion. From time to time, I will post the names of those who have made registered for the reunion and have sent in their checks. This year’s cut off to obtain a room is August 1st as set by the hotel. This is also the cutoff date for Carol has to turn in the headcount for the meals. This means if you cancel before August 1st you can get your money for the meals back. After the 1st, you can not.

This is a special read about a special lady.

Everyone has heard about the entertainers who went to Vietnam. Bob Hope came every year to do a “Christmas” show. Others such as John Wayne would show up from time to time. However, the one “entertainer” who would do shows from time to time showed up for periods of four to six months at a time. She showed up at such places as: Nha Trang, Saigon, Vung Tau, Doc Hoa, Kontum, Ap Bac, LZ Center AKA Hill 348, on board the USS Stormmes and Special Forces Camps everywhere. This special “Lady” was Martha Raye.

Martha was born August 27, 1916 and died October 14, 1994. She is the only woman buried in the Special Forces section of the cemetery at Fort Bragg, N.C.. Martha was an Honorary Member of the Green Berets and was granted the Honorary rank of LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) by President Lyndon Johnson. Because of a letter signed by more than 40,000 GI’s, President Clinton presented Martha Raye with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” in 1993.

Martha Raye was a Nurse. Martha liked her Vodka and took it with her to share with all the Troops.

The story relates how LTC Maggie, who was also a trained RN before going into the entertainment field, went to entertain and visit a small Special Forces camp. (It could have been at Soc Trang, around the early part of 1967.) I was told that she and some clarinet player, had gone to the camp to entertain, but while they were there the NVA attacked the camp. Mortar rounds and small arms fire were incoming. It appeared that there was a full-scale assault on the base camp. It was uncertain if the camp would be able to hold off the assault. The camp medic was hit, and so with her being a nurse, she took over and began to assist with the treatment of the wounded who kept pouring into the aid station.

The camp was in great danger for several hours of being overrun. The higher-ups in the military were trying to dispatch helicopters to the camp, but a combination of very bad weather and heavy fighting made that task a very dangerous mission for any crews that would be trying to come in to get the wounded, or to pull her out to a safer place. All this time, she was subjecting herself to the dangers of flying shrapnel and incoming automatic rifle rounds. She tended to the task that she was trained for – treating the wounded. She was said to have remained calm and fully active in doing her work – even with all the action taking place just outside the aid station. She kept focused on treating the wounded and did not seek shelter or safety for herself.

She kept refusing all rescue missions. She spent hours putting her skills as a nurse, to use treating patients and even assisting with surgery. She was in the operating room for 13 hours; she then went through the aid station talking with the wounded and making sure that they were okay. It was said that she worked without sleep or rest, until all the wounded were either treated, or evacuated out on a Huey (helicopter). She did not leave that camp until she was satisfied that all wounded were taken care of. Another thing that makes Martha so special it has been, is that if a wounded soldier needed someone to laugh with, she would laugh with them. If the wounded soldier needed someone to cry with them, she would hold their hand or hug them and they would cry together.

There are many websites about LTC Maggie. here are two that are great at telling you just who she was:


http://www.vietnaexp.com/morestories/MarthaRaye.htm .

** extracted from http://www.vietnamexp.com/MarthaRaye/htm

      Robert (Bob) Eastburn served in Charlie Troop but he had a chance run in with LTC Maggie while he was assigned to another unit. Here is how he describes that run in:

In late 67, Martha Raye visited the Ninth Infantry Division at Bearcat. She was scheduled to come over to our (314th CAB) club for a few minutes, and the Battalion CO decided I was the Bachelor who would go over to the Ninth Division to pick her up, and then deliver her after her visit with us. I had to fight the Ninth Division to get her in the jeep, and they sent MPs to get her back, but as she left, she passed me, and looked up, smiled that smile that only she could do, and said, “we know what you’re doing here, and why we’re doing it, and I love you for it”. She kissed me on the cheek and left me with a moment that still brings tears. And they ain’t tears of shame!

No matter how much crap seems to make the news, I always think that God blessed us with her, and she represented all that was worth fighting for.

Bob E.

When Martha Raye died, she was interned on Ft Bragg, NC in the military cemetery and she is the only civilian who is.

While Martha Raye showed her “True Grit” on the battlefield, the women of Charlie Troop show their every day. Many were married to their man when he was sent to Vietnam. They stayed at home raising the children, running the household and supporting their man with love letters. When we came home, it was our women who stood at our sides through thick and thin. It was the women, that held most of our marriages together. Let us not forget their love and devotion to our children and to us.

If you need to make a hotel reservation, now is the time. You can cancel at a later date if need be. MAKE sure you tell them you are registering for Charlie Troop 1st of the 9th Cavalry.

The following Troopers have signed up for this year’s reunion:  

Pat and Carol Bieneman

John Strickland

Vincent Nelson

Toby Tyler

Reb Herron

Gary Farmer

Tom and Karen Betts

Ernie and Rose Cairns

Dave Davidson and Alice Helms

Bob and Jeanette Fellin

Ed and Jean Gruetzmacher

Doc Hockenbury

Tom and Carla Lillie

Butch Mundy

TJ and Cornilia Norwood

Mike Poindexter

Galen Rosher

Armond Salazar

Walt, Greg, Carrie and Zachary Titchenell

Frank Turner

Toby Tyler

Don, Mary Ann and Scotty Viningre

I was recently notified by Gene Smith that one of our 65-66 Pilots, Kenneth Mooney, passed away on November 28, 2020.