August 2021 Newsletter

Posted on August 1, 2021


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry

Thirsty-Six Newsletter

August 2021

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of August 1966- 1972:

Tony Bakke Aug 8, 1966

Richard Meehen Aug 8, 1966

Leslie Nickles Aug 8, 1966

Gerald Simons Aug 8, 1966

Honorio Fidel Aug 9, 1967

Ray Moran Jr Aug 9, 1967

Francis Rochkes Aug 9, 1967

Robert Thompson Aug 9, 1967

Charles Sonnkalb Jr Aug 16, 1968

David Kink Aug 3, 1969

Always Honored and Never Forgotten

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in August:

Don Viningre 8-1

Ron McKiddy 8-4 GSFM

Jacky-Slye Jackson 8-7 GSFM

Jeanie Oestringer 8-7

Rose Cairns 8-7

Carla Lillie 8-9

Tom Stokesberry 8-15

Terry Washburn 8-19

Marleen Hemmelgarn 8-20

Sharon Dinsmore 8-22

Ed Gruetzemacher 8-24

Galen Rosher 8-25

Julius Jordan 8-27

Walt Titchenell 8-28

Patricia Fehlker 8-30

The following Troopers/Troopettes have anniversaries this month:

Reb and Kathy Herron       8-11   19 years

Galen and Ilah Rosher     8-16   63 years

Herb and Conny               8-21

Gerald and Jean Grimm   8-25   65 years

We only have 56 days left until our 2021 Reunion. If you have not made your reservations yet, time is running out. The hotel rooms will be turned back on the 15th of this month. If you have not paid for your meals yet, your hunger may be setting in. Carol must give a head count NLT then 15th. Remember, once Carol has turned in the headcount only under special conditions can she refund your money for the meals. At that time, we have ordered the meals and therefore they must be paid for. You can cancel your room up to three days prior and under special conditions up to that day.

It seems like once a week or so we have another Trooper wanting to attend the reunion. This makes Carol and I scramble a little bit more, but we do not care.

I have had a few ask me if it was okay if they have a veteran friend attend with them. The answer will always be yes.  We are Charlie Troop+.  If our numbers get to low, we will find it harder and harder to get a hotel to give us all the perks we now get. Let me just give you an idea what I mean.

 Because our reunion numbers are as large as they are, Carol demands and gets our Hospitality room for free. This would normally cost $200-$1,000 a day. She also demands and gets or Ceremony/dinner room free. These are normally $750-1250 a night. She does agree to pay a onetime cleaning fee which is $250. Now normally this would be $250 a day for each of the two rooms. Up to now, Carol has been able to keep the meals down so the cost of the three meals has been at $100. We may start seeing slight increases as time goes by. Carol always makes sure that free breakfasts are included.

I am not telling you this so Carol can get a pat on the back. I’m telling you this because everything depends on the amount of Troopers we have each year.

Everyone please remember, if you think you might attend, make your reservations and let us know. We release the rooms back to the hotel very soon. Then, if you decide to attend, if and only if, they have rooms available we they TRY to give you one at our rate.

Carol needs to know if you plan on riding a bus to the National Infantry Museum or if you will drive. She also needs to know if you are planning on attending the ceremony at the National Infantry Museum as she plans to pay for our lunch meal there.

If you fly into Columbus airport, all you must to do is call the Hotel and they will send a shuttle over to pick you up. The shuttle will also take you back to the airport the day you leave. If you fly into Atlanta, you can either rent a car or there is a shuttle however at time I am not sure of the cost.

We will be holding the Silent Auction and raffle so go ahead and bring that one or two items.

Gene and Anne Smith’s granddaughter entered the Naval Academy last month.

Don and Jo Coshey’s granddaughter, Jesse, completed her tour of duty in Afghanistan last month and she is now home. Jesse will be attending our reunion this year with her mother (Lisa) and they will light the candle at the Remembrance Table to Honor Don. Jesse cannot talk about her job in Afghanistan as it was all classified. Fiddler’s Green will be buzzing that day with all our Troopers and Troopettes up there showing off their Pride in their loved ones.

Susan Jones and her family will attend most of the reunion. They will be there to light the Candle at the Remember Table. Our two Little Sweethearts will be there to hand out roses at the Wall as they did in 2015 and at one of our ceremonies. This year, they will be accompanied by two new “Little Sweethearts”.

I Just talked to Jerry Duckworth. He is doing better but is still having a little problem breathing. He said he thought that maybe he caught a cold down there in Texas. Teri said it was more like very bad COPD. He had a covid test hoping it will come back normal and they can fly home.