September 2021 Newsletter

Posted on September 9, 2021


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron

9th Cavalry Regiment


September 2021 Newsletter

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of September 1966 -1971:

James D. Wise             KIA: Sep 16, 1967

Louis E. Porrazzo        KIA: Sep 27, 1967 Trans B Troop

Douglas Gossage        KIA: Sep 26, 1968

John W. States            KIA: Sep 26, 1968

John C. Wallace          KIA: Sep 26, 1968

Cordis R. White         KIA: Sep 18, 1969

Ronald J. Fulton         KIA: Sep 24, 1969 ** 2nd Tour 25th AVN

Robert G. Fortin         KIA: Sep 12, 1971

Always Honored and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little Sisters have birthdays in the month of September:

John Powell                                  September 1

Charles Derrick                             September 2

Preston Samuels                           September 5

Rebecca Struck                             September 7

Jay Hockenbury                            September 8

Larry Soma                                    September 8 Gold Star

Carol Toman                                 September 13

David Shanklin                             September 15

Herb Skinner                                September 15

Kim Florez                                    September 15

Chuck Knowlen                            September 18

Peggy Carpenter                         September 19

Randy Brandt                              September 19

Delanie Brazier                            September 22   “Little Sister”

Tom Criser                                   September 22

Randy West                                 September 25

Jennifer Tuttle                             September 25 Gold Star Family

Teri Duckworth                            September 27

Jerry Duckworth                          September 30

Stephanie Wright                        September 30

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of September:

Jerry and Tammie Schomotolocha         September 2

Dexter and Donna Evans                          September 4   44years

Frank and Rain McKinnon                        September 15

Tom and Karen Betts                                September 21  49years

Terry and Heidi Washburn                       September 27  45years

We are down to 24 days before the reunion starts on the 25th of this month. We will miss the ones not coming this year and hope to see you all next year.

At this time, we have not made any plans for next years reunion. As everybody knows, this Covid-19 has stopped many of you from attending this year’s reunion. I think it may be a good idea (unless something special becomes available) to hold off planning another reunion until this Covid thing is done. It takes as much time to plan for a reunion attended by 175 as it does 73.

We understand why so many of you have decided not to attend. Your health and your family’s health must come first. We are all getting older and for many of us this also means our health is not so good.

This year’s reunion is a small one but that does not mean we will be cutting back on our activities. We will do everything as planned. We will have a good time and enjoy our Brothers and Sisters.

Carol will be paying for the meals either tomorrow or the next day. So, just in case you may be thinking of not attending, call us quickly or your meals my be paid for and you will not be able to get your money back.

Let us all pray that this Covid-19 thing will be gone or controlled soon so we can get back to full reunions.

God Bless,