November 2021 Newsletter

Posted on November 28, 2021


Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry Regiment


November 2021 Newsletter

The follow Troopers lost their lives during the Month of November:

Florendo Pascual                   November 3, 1965

James Parrett                         November 3, 1965

Benedicto Bayron                 November 16, 1965

Billy Knight                             November 16, 1965

Billy Talley                              November 16, 1965

James Riley                            November 16, 1965

Terry Clark                             November 19, 1967

It is only by us living our lives to the fullest, that we can truly  Honor each of these Troopers.

The follow Troopers/Troopettes, GSFM Little Brother and Little Sweethearts have birthdays in the month of November:    

Suzanne Stice                        11-1

Zachary Titchenell                11-3  Little Brother

Debbie Le Master                  11-12

Susan Jones                            11-17

Dennis Junger                        11-18

Michael De Rhone                11-20

Heidi Washburn               11-22

Dave Keel                          11-23

Del Dinsmore                   11-25

Jean Gruetzemacher      11-25

Dutch Florez                    11-26

Jean Grimm                     11-30

The following Troopettes and GSFMs have anniversaries this month:

Ernie and Jimmie Daniels           11-3

Greg and Carrie Titchenell         11-8

Jim and Barb Hohman                11-8

Crae and Peggy Carpenter         11-13

Claude and Jean Singletary        11-27

Tom and Carla Lilly                      11-30

Branson, Missouri. Yes, that is where the 2022 reunion will be held. We will be staying at the Sandcastle Hotel. We stayed there in 2016 and we had a great reunion. The hotel has given Carol everything she asked for. Carol will be calling the Branson Belle to find out about a dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake. In 2016, we also took the dinner cruise, and everyone said they had a great time. Just out of curiosity, how many of you would like to take a dinner cruise? They have a great entertainment package and their food was very good last time. We are also looking into hiring a local singer to come in the night of the Meet and Greet. It is our hope that we can hire the same lady that came in 2016.

Our last reunion was a great success. We did some very special things this year. Our Remembrance Table had 10 settings. We had Jesse Burner, the Grand Daughter of Don Coshey see attachment 1 and yes that is Don’s Stetson she is wearing. The entire Gordon Jones family (Susan Jones, Shane, Missi, Lillie and Ellie Jones, Jeremy, Missy, Jolie, and Delanie Brazier) see attachment 2, was there to honor Gordon Jones, Doc Hockenbury and his daughter and son in law, Nicole and Jim Bowman) see attachment 3 were there to Honor Carol, and several of us Troopers and Troopettes come up to the table and light a candle for the loved ones. Also Remembered was Keith Owens, Larry Banks, Gina Nelson, Julio Rogers, and Mike Tuttle.

We honored two more young ladies, Lillie, and Ellie Jones into our “Little Sweetheart” see attachment 4. They helped their cousins Jolie and Delanie Brazier hand out Cavalry Yellow roses at the Wall and at the Wives ceremony.

We honored Zachary Titchenell with a certificate added him to “Our Little Brothers”, and a Dog Tag (with all of his Great Grand Paw’s information from Vietnam on it) for reading the poem “It’s me who has your back”. Zachary opened our reunion with leading all of us in the Pledge of Allegiance. See attachment 5.

We had honored the Troopers who went to Vietnam and at this reunion we Honored the Wives. The wives received a Cavalry Yellow Rose and a necklace. To end the ceremony, we had Husband and Wife slow dance.

Colonel (then Major) Galen Rosher was honored for the time he was Troop commander. Randy Zahn could not be there, so he gave me permission to read two passages from his book “Snake Pilot” concerning Major Rosher. Then Ed Gruetzemacher honored Galen with some stories of their time together in Vietnam. See attachment 6.

Jolie Brazier (Little Sweetheart) won Homecoming Queen at her Highschool this year. See attachment 7. Look closely at her waistline. You will see a 1st Cav pin. It belonged to her Pawpaw. She wore it to honor him and to honor all her Cav Brothers and Sisters.

We called this year’s reunion “Continuing the Legend”. We do this by bringing in our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Trooper Zachary has made every reunion since 2016. Our four “Little Sweethearts” said they plan on coming back every year they can. Ms. Jolie said, “I have my own car, so I won’t have to depend on someone else bringing me.

Percy “Doc” Hipple. Rip.

God Bless you all,