December 2021 Newsletter

Posted on December 5, 2021


December 2021 Newsletter

These are Our Brothers who Gave Their All during the month of December 1965 1971:


George Gavaria Dec 1, 1966

Clifford Smith Dec 1, 1966

Allan Nelson Dec 1, 1966


Albert McAuliffe Dec 18, 1966

Joel McDonnell Dec 18, 1966


Melvin Crossman Dec 13, 1967


Victor Austin Dec 29, 1968

Barry Kingman Dec 29, 1968

Ronald Roberts Dec 29, 1968


Charles Hood Jr Dec 12, 1969


James Dean Jr. Dec 30, 1969

Thomas Soma Dec 30, 1969


John Buchanan Dec 24, 1970

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family Members, Little Brothers and Little Sisters have birthdays in the month of December:

Claude Singletary                     Dec 1

Ellaine Allcut                             Dec 1

Jim Pressman                            Dec 3

Jo Coshey                                  Dec 3

Jean Grimm                              Dec 4

Suzanne Rainwater                 Dec 8

Conny Skinner                         Dec 8

Jeremy Brazier                        Dec 12

Larry Oestringer                     Dec 13

Jim Hohman                            Dec 14

Rennie Norris                          Dec 14

Carolyn Libby                          Dec 18

Missi Jones                              Dec 22

Mike Bogdue                           Dec 27

Stephen Hundley                   Dec 27

Maryann Viningre                  Dec 29

Greg Titchenell                       Dec 30

Tom Lillie                              Dec 31

Donna Evans                        Dec 31

The following Troopers, Troopettes, and Gold Star Family Members have Anniversaries during the month of December:

Tom and Kathy Stokesberry      Dec 3

Mike and Ruth Kelley                 Dec 10

Dave and Alice Davidson           Dec 14

Dutch and Kim Florez                 Dec 16

Rennie and Patricia Norris        Dec 16

Randy and Kim Zahn                  Dec 23

Currently there is not an itinerary for the Branson, MO reunion except for the dates. It will be at least the 1st of January before we can get a price on the meals. It may even be after that when we find out about the Dinner Cruise on the Branson Belle. As soon as Carol and I can get that information, I will let everyone know.

Another of our “Little Brothers” has earned his Eagle Scout Status.A picture containing person, indoor

Description automatically generated Jack Mc Kibbens, grandson of David and Ginny Blouin, has joined our other “Little Brother” Rafer Springfield with obtaining this Honor. This is a great achievement.

Another great moment came when Johnathon M. Bieneman, our youngest Charlie Trooper, arrived on November 11th.

Momma B said she cannot wait to bring him to our next reunion.

This is the month that we celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the things we can do to honor him is to give to others. Look around your neighborhood and see if there isn’t someone who could use some help.

Now an update on Scotty. I just talked to Don and Scotty is doing pretty good. He will be staying in the hospital for Speech and Physical Therapy. His speech is a lot better. Carol and I got to talk to him today for a few minutes.

God Bless each and Everyone of You. Stay safe, Be Jolly.