January 2022 Newsletter

Posted on January 2, 2022


January 2022 Newsletter

These are Our Brothers who Gave Their All during the month of January 1965 – 1971:

Gary Isaacson               1-22-66

William Geis                 1-27-66

Harvey Howe               1-28-67

Joe Kiefer                     1-4-67

LeRoy Peagler              1-27-67

Rudolf Schrader           1-23-68

Waldo Williams           1-4-70

James Whitmore         1-4-70

Anthony Battel            1-28-70

Michael Hunter           1-28-70

Greg Pfeffer                 1-2-71

Richard Donnellas         1-26-70

Only by loving  our lives to the fullest can we truly Honor these Troopers.         

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family Members, Little Brothers and Little Sisters have birthdays in the month of December:

Don Viningre                              1-1

Norman Frost                         1-2    Gold Star Family

Jeanie Gruetzemacher          1-2

Frank Turner                           1-

Dave Davidson                        1-6

Harry Reeg                               1-7

Tina Jelich-Frost                      1-7    Gold Star Family

Patrick Bieneman                   1-11

Abe Stice                                  1-13

Ed Evans                                   1-14

Virginia DaCosta                     1-14

Ellie Jones                                1-16    Little Sweet Heart   

Jeff Libby                                  1-19

Brenda Merritt                        1-21

Jim Reid                                    1-21

Shane Jones                             1-23

Debbie Andrews                     1-27

Maryann Viningre                  1-29

Carolyn Samuels                     1-30

The following Troopers, Troopettes, and Gold Star Family Members have Anniversaries during the month of December:

Del and Sharon Dinsmore                 1-4   53 years Attachment #1

Joe and Connie Crispino                1-16

Robert and Debbie LeMasters     1-28     56 years  

Tom and Carla Lillie                         1-29

Ross and Suzanne Rainwater       1-31     35 years 

Don and MaryAnn Viningre want to Thank each and every one of you who sent cards to Scotty. They all brought great happiness to him.

Rissa Duckworth has been in dance for several years now. This year she performed in the “Nutcracker”.

Major Billy Joe Nave, one of our KIA’s, has been honored  at his Alma Mater, East Tennessee State University, by being indicted into their ROTC Hall of Fame. This cam about on November 4th. Teri and Joe Nave attended the ceremony and Teri Gave a great speech on her Dad’s behalf. You can see her whole speech on Billy Nave’s post on my blog at http://www.patrickbieneman.com . Here is a picture of Teri accepting the Honor on behalf of her father.

The latest word on Scotty is he is doing better and they hope to have him ready to go home by January 13th. This of course will be up to his doctors and therapists.

We are still waiting for information about the Branson Belle to find out if we will be able to take the Dinner Cruise or not. Just as soon as we find out we will let you know.

God Bless