May 2022 Newsletter

Posted on May 5, 2022


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry

Thirsty-six Newsletter

May 1, 2022

The following Troopers “Gave Their All” during the month of May 1966-


Thomas Koch                          5-28-66

James Rickerson                    5-31-67

George Slye                           5-2-70          Trans A Trp

Gary McKiddy                        5-6-70

Tommy Whiddon                 5-6-70

LeLand Chestnut                    5-10-70

Danny Bowers                        5-23-70

David Combs                          5-27-70

Only by us living our lives to the fullest and Honoring these Brave Troopers ca their memories and deeds be remembered.

The following Troopers/Troopettes, Gold Star Family Members, Family members, Little Sweethearts, and Little Brothers have birthdays during the month of May:

Gwynn Smith                     May 2

Sarah Johnson                   May 2

Rain McKinnon                  May 3

Carol Bieneman                May 13

Chris Smith                         May 13

Richard Walton                        May 17

Dickie Jelich Langworthy         May 21

James Thomas                           May 22

Diane ( Walton) Gleaton         May 23

Patricia Norris                           May 24

John York                                   May 25

Janice (Gonderman) Taconni May 27

GARY Donaldson                      May 29

The Following Troopers/Troopettes, Gold Star Family Members, Family Members have anniversaries during the month of May:

Jerry and Teri Duckworth                  May 10  

Pat and Carol Bieneman                    May 13  

Perry and Debbie Smith                     May 23   see attach 3

Make sure when you fill out your Reunion registration sheets that you indicate that you will or will not be riding the bus. Also, make sure that you fill out the registration sheet. It may only be one piece of paper for you but as they add up there are a lot more for us to fill out. Starting next year if you don’t fill out the form your check will be sent back to you. Oh by the way, the reunion is in August this year. So we will need your forms and your money by June 15th. Your checks can be dated for July 10th. We will not cash them before that.

May 14th will be a big day for one of our Little Sweethearts. On May 14, Jolie Brazier, granddaughter of Gordon and Susan Jones, will be graduating from high school. This has been an up and down year for Jolie. She lost her beloved Pawpaw when Gordon Jones passed away, shortly afterwards she was chosen as her high school Homecoming Queen. To show her love for her Pawpaw she wore a 1st Cav pin on her dress.

When Carol and I started to co-ordinate these reunions, we decided to make it a Family/military affair, I am so proud of the children, grandchildren, and great grandchild that attends our reunions. These are the ones who will carrying our history on as we move on to Fiddler’s Green.  I ask that you don’t leave them with just good memories of attending reunions but talk to them about your time in Vietnam. Keep the graphic aspect out of your stories but let them know the good, the bad, and the not quite ugly.

An example of what I am taking about follows. Our children are old enough to hear this.

We were called out on a mission because while scouting out an area, one of our helicopters came under fire. We were inserted into the area and started to move into the village from where the small arms fire had come . Before we could get into the village, we heard small arms fire from another location.  Once again one of our choppers were being fire at. We were redirected to this area. Upon our arrival there, the Scout Pilot told us that some Viet Cong (VC) jumped down a hole after taking some shots at them. We moved over to the area of the hole and had our interpreter attempt to get them to give up. They refused. We threw a few grenades on top of the hole cover. They didn’t bother us anymore. Then one of the pilots said they saw a VC  jump into the small river (large creek) and directed us to that location. One of our NCO’s jumped into the waters and started walking along the bank while feeling underneath the bank. Finally, he said I have him. He pulled hard to dislodge the VC from under the bank and tossed “Her” up on shore. Yes, it was a young woman with an AK-47 rifle still slung over her shoulder who had jumped into the river. She had pulled herself under the bank and drown herself. When we rolled her over, she had her eyes wide open. When I looked into her eyes it was if she was saying to me, “Why me”. Those eyes still haunt me today.

This past month, we lost Walker Jones. Walker was both a scout and a Red Pilot in 1970/71. One day, Walker decided that he wanted to find some of his Pilot cohorts from Charlie Troop. Soon thereafter, he started a website. In a way it got out of control. Crew Chiefs, Door Gunners, and even Grunts found the site and they loved it. It is because of Walker Jones that  we meet every year now as a troop. Many of the Troopers that joined Walker’s site also joined the old Bullwhip Squadron association, When the Bullwhip Squadron closed, I was able to get a copy of the “membership” list. I began contacting every Charlie Trooper on the list as well as Delta Troopers. I also made it clear that any Trooper from any Troop was more than welcomed to attend our reunion if they could not find one of their own. So, Thank you very much Walker.

Ending on a positive note, I want to acknowledge Phil and Brenda Merritt’s granddaughter, Emma Kate, for taking 1st Place in the state 4-H Archery Championship for the 14-year-old bracket. Miss Emma Kate, all of Charlie Troop is very proud of you.

God Bless ya’ll,