July 2022 Newsletter

Posted on July 1, 2022


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment

Thirsty-Six Newsletter

July 2022

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of July 1966 – 1972. We will Always Honor these Brave men and We will Never Forget them.

William Strobel        July 9, 1967

Stephen Moody       July 2, 1969

Ernest Burns             July 14, 1969

Dewey Butler           July 14, 1969

Ray Davis                  July 14, 1969

Thomas Felton         July 14, 1969

John Hansen             July 15, 1969

John Anderson         July 21, 1969

Edward Dennull       July 21, 1969

David Zimmerman   July 28, 1970

Kevin Frye                 July 28, 1970

Gregory Antunano   July 24, 1972    2 Tour

The Following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members have birthdays in the month of July:

Jean Singletary   July 3

Greg Jayne             July 6

Anne Smith              July 12

Ilah Rosher               July 12

Dave Rogers             July 15

James Hydleman    July 16

Jacky Waller            July 17

Ginny Blouin           July 19

Marilyn Owens       July 20

Randy Zahn             July 20

Frank McKinnon     July 24

Ernie Daniels          July 24

Crae Carpenter     July 25

Robert Le Masters July 25

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family member have anniversaries in the Month of June:

Don and MaryAnn Viningre        7-2 see #1

Chris and Marsha Smith              7-6-74 46 years

David and Ginny Blouin               7-9 52 years See #2

Jim and Diane Pressman             7-14-68 52 years See #3

Grover and Stephanie Wright    7-25-81 39years See #4

The reunion is now only one months away. Carol and I are working hard to get it completely put together before you all get there.

*****Proposed Itinerary – Subject to change Unless there are changes, you need to download and save.

August 19th,20th, and 21st:

Friday August 19, 2022:

Registration will begin at 9AM and continue to 3PM.

Opening ceremonies 4PM to 6PM:

Charlie Troop’s “Little Brother” Zachary Titchenell will open the ceremonies by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lucy Bieneman will sign our National  Anthem. I will introduce those Troopers/Troopettes and family member who are attending their first reunion. ”The Ladies will read the names of “Our Fallen”  brothers. Lucy Bieneman will sing “More than a Name on the Wall. The gold Star families will light a candle in “Honor” of their loved ones.  Lucy Bieneman will sing “If you’re reading this now”. Loved ones and comrades will “Honor” their loved ones and comrades lost in the last couple of years. Jerry Berggren will light a candle in honor of Edward N. Kaneshiro. Lucy Bieneman (with everyone joining in) will sing “Amazing Grace”.  The Jelich family will read the Poem “It’s Me who has your back. I will present John A. Jelich III  and Brooks Jelich their certificates making them “Little Brothers” of Charlie Troop and Dog Tags. Present John (Jake) A. Jelich II his dog tag. Greg Titchenell will come up and receive his Dog Tag with his grandfather’s information.

7PM  Meet and Greet

8:30 – until Special Entertainment, Dancing a socializing.

Saturday August 20, 2022:

9:15AM First bus loads and 9:30  departs for the Branson Belle.

10AM second us loads and 10:15 departs for the Branson Belle.

The Branson Belle loads at 11:30 AM and returns at 2PM

2:15PM the first bus departs for the Hotel

3PM the second bus loads and departs for the hotel

4PM to 5:30PM Finger foods will be provided.

6PM to 7:30 PM special entertainment

7:30 until Dancing and social time. Drawing for the two baskets.

Sunday August 21, 2022:

9AM Troopers Meeting bring your coffee

9:30 to 6PM Family time

The hospitality room will be opened all day.

6PM until Dinner, Silent Auction, Raffle and Social Time.

++ for those ladies who may want to get together and have lunch contact Carol.

Deadlines: July 19th is the last day rooms are held for Charlie Troop. After that day the go to the public. If they have a room after date they will give the out at Charlie Troop rates.

July 15th is the day that Carol must turn in meal counts and the number for buses. It is an 11 minute ride from the hotel to the Showboat. If you wanted to ride the bus but changed your mind, let us know before that date.

By now, hopefully everyone knows that Edward N. Kaneshiro will be awarded the Medal of Honor on July 5. He had been put in for the MOH and it was downgraded to the Distinguish Service Cross. Now the DSC will be taken away from him and the MOH will become a permanent part  of his record.

God Bless,

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