November 2022 Newsletter

Posted on November 5, 2022


Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry

Bullwhip Six

Newsletter November 2022

If you haven’t voted yet, get out there and vote. Look at the first eight names below. These Troopers died so you could Vote.

The follow Troopers lost their lives during the Month of November:

Florendo Pascual                   November 3, 1965

James Parrett                         November 3, 1965

Benedicto Bayron                 November 16, 1965

Billy Knight                             November 16, 1965

Billy Talley                              November 16, 1965

James Riley                            November 16, 1965

Terry Clark                             November 19, 1967

It is only by us living our lives to the fullest, that we can truly  Honor each of these Troopers.

The follow Troopers/Troopettes, GSFM Little Brother and Little Sweethearts have birthdays in the month of November:   

Suzanne Stice                    11-1

Zachary Titchenell            11-3  Little Brother

Debbie Le Master             11-12

Susan Jones                       11-17

Dennis Junger                    11-18

Michael De Rhone            11-20

Terry Washburn               11-22

Dave Keel                          11-23

Del Dinsmore                   11-25

Jean Gruetzemacher      11-25

Dutch Florez                    11-26

Jean Grimm                     11-30

The following Troopettes and GSFMs have anniversaries this month:

Ernie and Jimmie Daniels           11-3

Greg and Carrie Titchenell         11-8

Jim and Barb Hohman                11-8

Crae and Peggy Carpenter         11-13

Tom and Carla Lilly                      11-30

Brother Jim Reid is still in need of our prayers. Jim was the Lift Platoon leader in 1965-66. His determination to save his brothers was the key reason that the Blues of  Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Troops are alive today. Jim led the first nighttime insertion of troops into a Landing zone while receiving fierce fire from the enemy.

Brother John Strickland is recovering from back surgery. Let’s say a prayer that the doctors had done their jobs right and John will be up and dancing in no time. I talked to John. He said he was doing fine.

I want to remind everyone Trooper, Troopettes, and family  members,  that Charlie Troop is putting together a cookbook. Send your recipes to Tina Jelich-Frost at Now men, you can submit recipes that maybe your Mom or Grandma use to make. The recipes can be main dish or dessert.

Last month I mentioned that maybe we could do a 50’s night at the next reunion. I didn’t receive any feedback. Is anyone interested in doing so? So, if you are planning on attending next year’s reunion, please just send me a quick not letting me know and whether you want to do a 50”sSock Hop.

We are at the beginning of our holiday festival period. We have Thanksgiving coming up and then of course Christmas. I am sure that every Trooper who reads this can remember their Thanksgiving and Christmas in Nam. We can remember or first Thanksgiving and Christmas back home. We have all had many many more since then.

That is not the way it is for all Soldier/Troopers. On August 27, 1944, a young PFC named William C. Kent was Killed In Action I France during WWII. I never got to meet my Uncle Bill. In my family when someone dies, they are pretty much forgotten. Growing up I can only remember my Gramma and my mother talking about him. He was 19 years old. In Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry we have 110 Troopers who did not return home to share Thanksgiving and Christmases with their families. I am so proud to say that every wife who lost her husband has done a fantastic job at raising their children. A lot of these children only knew their fathers for a short time. Some never got to meet them or were so young when their father was taken away that they really don’t remember them. The majority of these fantastic mothers have kept their husband’s memory alive for their children. Many men have stepped in and became surrogate. They did not try to replace father, instead they stepped in to give their support and love when, where and as needed. Every year at our reunion we read the names of all of our “Fallen Brothers” and we honor their families. This is only right as these Brave Troopers should never be forgotten for the sacrifice they made, and their families should always be honored for the sacrifices they made. This year at my Thanksgiving table, there will be two empty settings. One for my Uncle Bill and one for my Fallen Brothers. I will only ask you to think about doing the same. Teach your grandchildren and great grandchildren the importance of remembrance.

God has blessed me greatly by giving me my memory of these Brave Troopers. He has blessed me greatly by bring the most fantastic woman into my life. He blessed me by bring me a super son. He blessed me by bring my Great Nephew into my life. He has blessed me by bringing my Cav Family into my life. However, I do believe he blessed me most by allowing Carol and I to organize our reunions every year.

Share your love and your memories with all you can. Next month we will talk about Christmas.

I am not getting much info or pictures of family members or yourself doing stuff. How about some Trick or Treat outfits. How about some special occasions or occurrences.  I can only send out what I get. I can make this a very plain newsletter.

Love and Respect,

God Bless,