September 2022 Newsletter

Posted on December 1, 2022


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron

9th Cavalry Regiment


September 2022 Newsletter

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of September 1966 -1971:

James D. Wise             KIA: Sep 16, 1967

Louis E. Porrazzo        KIA: Sep 27, 1967 Trans B Troop

Douglas Gossage        KIA: Sep 26, 1968

John W. States            KIA: Sep 26, 1968

John C. Wallace          KIA: Sep 26, 1968

Cordis R. White         KIA: Sep 18, 1969

Ronald J. Fulton         KIA: Sep 24, 1969 ** 2nd Tour 25th AVN

Robert G. Fortin         KIA: Sep 12, 1971

Always Honored and Never Forgotten.

The following Troopers, Troopettes, Gold Star Family members, Little Brothers and Little Sisters have birthdays in the month of September:

John Powell                                  September 1

Charles Derrick                             September 2

Preston Samuels                           September 5

Rebecca Struck                             September 7

Jay Hockenbury                            September 8

Larry Soma                                    September 8  Gold Star Family Member

Carol Toman                                 September 13

David Shanklin                             September 15

Herb Skinner                                September 15

Kim Florez                                    September 15

Chuck Knowlen                            September 18

Peggy Carpenter                         September 19

Randy Brandt                              September 19

Delanie Brazier                            September 22   “Little Sister”

Tom Criser                                   September 22

Randy West                                 September 25

Jennifer Tuttle                             September 25  Gold Star Family Member

Teri Duckworth                            September 27

Jerry Duckworth                          September 30

Stephanie Wright                        September 30

The following Troopers, Troopettes and Gold Star Family members have anniversaries in the month of September:

Jerry and Tammie Schomotolocha         September 2

Dexter and Donna Evans                          September 4   45 years

Frank and Rain McKinnon                        September 15

Tom and Karen Betts                                September 21  50 years  see attach 1

Terry and Heidi Washburn                       September 27  47 years aee attach 2

Let me start this newsletter by Thanking all the women who read the names of our fallen, and helped Carol set up raffle tables, filled out the sheets, and performed so many other actions. A special Thank you to Sandy McMichael for putting together our baskets. We want to thank everyone for the fantastic items they brought for the Raffle and Silent Auction. The monies received from these items will help keep the cost down for our next reunion.

I want to Thank Ed Evans who won the 50/50 and turned around and gave his half ($307) back to the Trooper fund.

The 9th Charlie Troop+ 1/9th Reunion has concluded. Branson has treated us well once again.  Saturday started out with a Branson Belle Showboat and dinner show. I really think the best part of the show was when our own Tom Betts and Jean Singletary got up on stage and became part of, no, took over the show. I am hoping to have the video downloaded to my blogsite.

As a surprise, Carol and I had hired C.J. Newsome to come back and entertain our troops. C.J. out did herself. When she came in, I asked her if she could sing Happy Birthday to Galen Rosher and Ed Gruetzemacher. She said she would but when she started the show, she asked  who had birthdays in August. Six or seven Troopers raised their hands. She went and sang a full chorus of Happy Birthday to each and everyone of them. On her way back, she told me that she did not want to stay on the stage. She said she wanted to go out and mingle with the Troops. I said that it was her show, and she could do what she wanted. As she went around messing up hair (on those that still have it), sitting on laps wrapping her hair around their heads and singing to them the room went wild. She even got Jake Jelich to dance. What a fantastic job she did. When we go back, she will be the first one we call.

It will probable be after this newsletter is sent out that we will get the dates for next years reunion. When we get those dates, I will send them out in an email to all. It will be in Columbus, Georgia and it will be towards the early part of August.

Carol went to the office Monday morning and complained about the so-called chicken we had on Friday and for the staff eating our sandwiches Sunday night. She was refunded almost $700.00. No questions asked. Actually, the chef on Friday was there before Carol was.

Carol came down with Covid on Monday after the reunion. We stayed in the hotel for another five days. I did not get it, however, I did come down with a severe upper respiratory infection. We will both live to organize another reunion, but it may take a little bit.

We hope everyone had a great time. If not, when Carol and I did not do our job.  I appointed Brother Charles Blevins to be our Chaplain.

Send me some stories about your time in Vietnam, your children, or grandchildren.

If you have any photos of Scotty from this last reunion, would you send them to me and I will forward them to Don.

God Bless,