February 2023 Newslette

Posted on March 27, 2023


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment


February 2023 Newsletter

The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of February 1966 -1971:

Horace Giddens 2- 2-1968

John Suydam 2-12-1968

Steven Seigler 2-13-1971

These Brave Troopers can only live by us Always Remembering them and Never Forgetting them.

The following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays this month:

Levin Cordero   2-1    Little Brother

Gerald Toman   2-3

Beverly Knowlen   2-3

Butch Mundy   2-5

Joanne Gonderman   2-5   GSFM

John Craig   2-8

Ed Joyce      2-8   GSFM

Joe Crispino   2-11

Hiesook Sacca   2-16

Theresa (Rissa) Duckworth 2-27   Little Sweetheart

Sandy McMichael   2-20

Ron Peffer GSFM   2-20

Barry Sipple   2-23

Jolie Brazier   2-23   Little Sweetheart

Debby Baker  2-26  GSFM

Jacob Bess   2-24   Little Brother

The following Troopers and Troopettes have anniversaries during the Month of February:

Julian and Sarah Beth Johnston   2-1-63   57 years

 John (Jake) and Beth Jelich   2-12   17 years 

 Dave and Alice Davidson   2-14  4 years    

 John and Hiesook Sacca   2-21-76   45 years 

For those of you who may not have heard the news, Chuck Knowlen passed away last week. Chuck was one of the reasons that Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry will always be in the History Books. Anyone wishing to send flowers or card to send them to: Beverly Knowlen 115 Chemo Pond Road, Eddington, Me 04428.  A good local florist is: Lougee and Fredericks 207-947-4521.

I received a call from Ken Dies. Ken served in Charlie Troop 69-70 as a scout Pilot. Ken plans on attending our reunion in Columbus.  See attach #3

Dave and Ginny Blouin were very busy over the Holidays making Gingerbread houses with family. See attach #4

On December 30th, 2022 Dave and Ginny also attended a wedding of their Grandaughter Katie to Cale. See  attach #5

I once again want to ask every Trooper who has not talked to their family about Vietnam to do just that. Let them know what our mission was and what part you took in it. You don’t have to go into the blood and guts of it just give them the basics. If you have the time, sit down and write about your time in Charlie Troop. Let them know what our mission was and how we did it. Write down some of the names you remember being with over there. If you don’t tell them no one will.

As you all know, the reunion this year will be held in Columbus, Georgia at the Double Tree in. The phone number for registration is: 708-327-6868. Make sure you tell them that you want to register under Charlie Troop even if you are using points or your breakfasts will Not be included. The Double Tree has a shuttle service from the airport ( in Columbus) to the hotel, I am attaching a registration form. Make sure  you fill it out. Send it to me with your check.  Don’t forget to sign your check! See attach #6

God Bless each and everyone,