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A Poem by Phillip Gaudette Sr.

January 17, 2011


  This is a poem written by Phillip Gaudette Sr. Phill passed away on January 13, 2011. FREEDOM I’d like to tell a story, About the men so far from home, About the life they live, And how they all must roam… The life they live is a lonely one, But that’s the way it […]

Fiddler’s Green

January 14, 2011


It is said that all Cavalry Soldiers that pass on goes to Fiddler’s Green. An Unknown author in the 1800’s penned this poem: Halfway down the trail to Hell,     In a shady meadow green And the hostiles come to get your scalp, Just empty your canteen, And put your pistol to your head […]

Viet Cong Tax Collector

January 9, 2011


This story was written by Mike Askew. Mike was a CE and a gunner in the Red Platoon of Charlie Troop from 1967 to 1968. I appreciate Mike giving me permission to post this story. I’m not much for telling war stories, guess it’s because most people just don’t understand about Vietnam.   Up until this day in […]

John Niamtu On going to Vietnam

January 7, 2011


  The following was sent to me by John Niamtu, Sr. Many of the pilots and all the 1/9 Cav Helicopters went on the USS Boxer LPH-4. We flew the aircraft from Ft Benning to The US Naval Port at Mayport Florida. After returning to Benning for final goodbyes we sailed in August 1965. We crossed […]

Camp Radcliff and the Golf Course

January 7, 2011


As you all know, I served in Charlie Troop however I was very ignorant of the 1st of the 9th History. In some ways. this was good. Because I was so ignorant I had to ask for information.  The following information was forwarded to me by Earl Reece and Van Bailey.  The website this information […]

1965 to 1972

January 3, 2011


The first group or Advance Party as they are sometimes known as went to Vietnam in aircraft. A good friend of mine ,Earl Reece, was one of those men. I have asked him to write a story about his time from beginning to end. Once he sends that to me, I will post it here. […]