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Viet Cong Tax Collector

January 9, 2011


This story was written by Mike Askew. Mike was a CE and a gunner in the Red Platoon of Charlie Troop from 1967 to 1968. I appreciate Mike giving me permission to post this story. I’m not much for telling war stories, guess it’s because most people just don’t understand about Vietnam.   Up until this day in […]

The Almost Night Ambush

May 21, 2010


We had been sent on many ambushes before. We also went on some after this one. But this one was special. I can’t remember dates but we were given the mission of setting up a night ambush along a well used Viet Cong trail. The Lift Pilots did their job well. As we flew in, […]

Mission Number 6

February 14, 2010


    Monkey Mountain.  To the best of my recollections it was called Monkey Mountain. I know it was one of our last missions in the “High I Corps” or northern part of South Vietnam.  We were told that the Air Force was going to drop a very large bomb on top of this mountain set to detonate […]

Mission Number 1 – Ashau Valley

February 3, 2010


  My first mission with Charlie Troop was in the Ashau Valley in the northern part of Vietnam. The High I Corps as it was called. Charlie Troop had been there for about a week or so before I joined up with them. The first thing that happened was our platoon leader looked at me […]

Mission Number 5 – The Horse Shoe Ambush

February 1, 2010


February 19, 1969 We had a MACV photographer with us for four days and nothing happened. The day he was due to leave, we (the Blues) were called out on a mission. As we approached the area, we were told that an undetermined enemy force had been spotted moving around heading towards a firebase up ahead. We […]

Mission Number 4 – Down Bird

February 1, 2010


On December 29, 1968 another helicopter was shot down. Once again the Blues were scrambled to secure the site and extract the crew. As we drew closer to the site, we were told that the helicopter caught fire and that there weren’t any survivors. When we got there the chopper was still in flames and there were bodies encircled by […]

Mission Number 3 LRRP Extraction

February 1, 2010


July 7, 1968 Once again we were called out on a mission. Six Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRPs) members had been scouting  enemy movement when they had to call for air support. An attack helicopter unit was dispatched to help them. They had received enemy small arms fire from an unknown size force. One of their […]