February 2020 News Letter

February 1, 2020


February 2020 News Letter The following is a list of Brothers that were Killed in Action in the month of February 1966 -1971 Horace Giddens 2- 2-1968 John Suydam 2-12-1968 Steven Seigler 2-13-1971 These Brave Troopers can only live by us Always Remembering them and Never Forgetting them. The following Troopers/Troopettes have birthdays this month: […]

December 2019 News Letter

January 19, 2020


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment Thirsty-Six News letter December 2019 The following Troopers gave their all during the month of December 65-71. We will Always Honor these Brave men and We will Never Forget them. George Gavaria Dec 1, 1966 Clifford Smith Dec 1, 1966 Allan Nelson Dec 1, 1966 Albert McAuliffe Dec […]

January 2020 News Letter

December 25, 2019


January 2020 News Letter I am sending this News Letter out a few days early. So have yourself a Merry Little Christmas day. Roast you some chestnuts on an open fire. May God grant us that not one of us will have a Blue Blue Christmas. The following is a list of Brothers that were […]

Tommy Pepper by Ross Rainwater and others

November 16, 2019


My “Mr. Pepper” story . . . . During one of our many sorties out of Tay Ninh west into Cambodia in spring 1971 (don’t remember the exact date), I was the “3d pilot liaison (with an ARVN counterpart)” in a C&C ship covering the Pink Team for crew extraction, extra support, etc. That area […]

A Gold Star Daughter and the Vietnam Pilot/Crewmember Memorial

October 30, 2019


                                 Dickie Jelich-Langworthy giving speech          The Jelich,Tuttle,Frost, Langworthy Family On Sunday the 29th of September 2019, Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry loaded up the buses and headed to Arlington National Cemetery. Our first stop was at the […]

The Love of a Father and Son: Louis and Danny Walton

October 15, 2019


Louis Walton, Husband, Father and Crew Chief 1966 Danny Walton, A Proud son honoring his Father at Arlington National Cemetery alongside of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot/Crewmen Memorial September 29, 2019 Louis Walton was a Proud Husband and Father. He had two Daughters, Diane and Kathleen and two sons Richard and Danny. Louis Walton was assigned […]

After Action Report 2019 Reunion

October 4, 2019


The following Troopers gave their all during the month of October 1966- 1972: John Musgrove                      October  4,1965 Charles De Armaral              October  4, 1965 Willie Green                          October 3, […]