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Requesting your Loved ones Awards and Decorations from the Army

June 9, 2017


In order to request your Loved one’s Awards (Medals) and Decorations and  his/her DD214 you must fill out a SF180. If you already have a copy of his/her DD214 you can skip this section.  If not: go to Click on “By Last Name”. Click on his/her First Letter of the last name.  Click on […]

Combat Medical Badge

November 22, 2011


The Combat Medical Badge is awarded with the same requirements as that for the Combat Infantryman Badge.  Medics are a special breed of people. More often than not they preform their duites of providing medical care to their troopers while being shot at and many times while being wounded themselves. A combat Medic is a […]

Combat Infantrymans’ Badge

November 21, 2011


The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB)  is probably the most prized award for an infantryman. It says that he served in the Infantry and was in at least one fire fight with the enemy. The following is extracted from  Army Regulation (AR) 600-8-22. This regulation is extremely long. You can read the entire section on the […]

The Purple Heart Medal

November 19, 2011


    Army Regulation 600–8–22 2–8. Purple Heart a. The Purple Heart was established by General George Washington at Newburgh, New York, on 7 August 1782, during the Revolutionary War. It was reestablished by the President of the United States per War Department General Orders 3, 1932 and is currently awarded pursuant to Executive Order […]

Medal of Honor

November 7, 2011


The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest Medal awarded to service members for actions above and beyond the call of duty. It is awarded regardless of rank, service nor time in service. The medal is earned. It has to be approved by Congress and is presented by the President of the United States. You […]