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William C. Kent Killed in Action August 27, 1944

December 22, 2011


This is a story of an Uncle that no one got to know. He was the son of Clifford and Lydia Kent. A brother to; Francis, Patricia, Charles T. (Tom) and Joan. When World War II (WWII) started, my young Uncle Billy (18 y/o) volunteered like so many other young people. William C. Kent became Private […]

Martha Raye AKA Colonel Maggie

November 14, 2011


Everyone has heard about the entertainers who went to Vietnam. Bob Hope came every year to do a “Christmas” show. Others such as John Wayne would show up from time to time. However, the one “entertainer” who would do shows from time to time showed up for periods of four to six months at a time. […]

C-Rations The first Happy Meal

April 13, 2011


This information is for those who have only heard the phrase “C-Rations”. Those of you who know what they are tell us you favorite recipes for a gourmet meal. I will post them at the bottom. “C” (combat) Rations has been the staple of the American Soldier from WWII through Vietnam. I guess you could […]

A Poem by Phillip Gaudette Sr.

January 17, 2011


  This is a poem written by Phillip Gaudette Sr. Phill passed away on January 13, 2011. FREEDOM I’d like to tell a story, About the men so far from home, About the life they live, And how they all must roam… The life they live is a lonely one, But that’s the way it […]

Christmas in the Military

December 13, 2010


Almost one half or more Christmases spent by a military person is done so with only their comrades around. Whether you are off to war or just assigned overseas, you will almost always spend the holidays thinking of family. It is a lonely time even though your comrades are there. They are your second family but […]