Victor Austin

Posted on February 2, 2010


Austin W

Victor Austin was a member of a three-man Scout Team. He was the Observer. David Kingman was his Pilot and Ronald Roberts was the Door Gunner. All three died that day when their helicopter was shot down.

Doris Milburn is Victors’ sister. This how she remembers her brother.

Vic, as he was called by friends and families all of his life, enjoyed sports either playing or watching on TV. That is how he lost his front tooth, playing football. He was especially good at bowling earning several trophies with his league. He played golf when he could with a friend of our mother. If not playing sports he had his head under the hood of a car.

I don’t recall him having a girlfriend until just before going into the service. He enjoyed being with his family, playing with nieces and nephews when they came around. He was pretty much a family man.

Thinking of his future, he wanted to go to college for Mechanical Drawing after he left the service. He had talked of a college in Indiana that he was looking into. The benefit of education was a main part of his volunteering to be on the helicopter as there was extra flight benefits.

Victor was assigned to Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (AM) on September 22, 1968 and was Killed in Action on December 29, 1968. I served with Victor and I am proud of that fact. For his actions in Vietnam Victor was awarded the Purple Heart, Air Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and Crew Member Wings.

I am Vic’s sister, Margaret. He lived with me for several years and theres not a day goes by, even now that I don’t think of him. I will always miss him. I consider him my best friend still. His spirt was beside me for years afterwards. I saw and heard him, as did my daughter. My kids viewed him as their brother. We’ll meet again Vic. Love you still.