Mission Number 1 – Ashau Valley

Posted on February 3, 2010


  My first mission with Charlie Troop was in the Ashau Valley in the northern part of Vietnam. The High I Corps as it was called. Charlie Troop had been there for about a week or so before I joined up with them. The first thing that happened was our platoon leader looked at me and the other new guy and said that one of us would carry a radio and the other would carry the M60 machine gun. I quickly grabbed the radio. Little did I know that I would carry it the entire time I was there.

Next, we started walking up and down the mountain sides. On one, we encountered a massive amount of leeches. We had heard horror stories about leeches crawling inside a man’s penis and I said that isn’t going to happen to me.  I squirted insect repellant all around the crotch of my jungle fatigue trousers. I now know what liquid fire feels like.

On another mountain side we came across a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) supply depot. The first section we ran into was full of new uniforms. The second was full of gear to include gas masks. The last section was full of brand new rifles still wrap in muslin and coated with grease. Someone said that I should grab one for a souvenir. I was so exhausted from carrying the radio that I said ” If we found a cache in the first two weeks I was in country, I am sure we’ll find another one. We never did

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