Gary G. Evans

Posted on February 20, 2010


EvanWjpg (1)   Gary Evan’s Sister, Sue Ernst, remembers Gary this way:

A Soldier’s Story :  A Tribute To One Loved So Dear

Gary Our Beloved Son Whom God Carried home,

Oh My How Our Hearts Ached Feeling Lost And All Alone,

Until We Heard From Those Lives He Had Touched,

Giving Us Peace Hearing From Those Whom Loved Him So Much,

Oh That Lost Precious Son, Life’s Casualty Of War,

Therefore Your Story Must Be Told For Evermore.

All Through The Years From A Wee Boy To A Young Man’s Toys,

The Treasures That He Loved That Brought Him So Much Joy.

Cruising The Red And White Chevy Around The Bend,

Or On That Black Honda Cycle Riding The Wind.

Favorite Things That He Enjoyed But There’s More To Tell.

More To Man’s Strong Character We Knew So Well,

Of Patience, Compassion And Generosity,

Ambition, Courtesy And Dependability.

With Respect, Honor, Bravery And Loyalty,

Many Contributions Made To Society,

At Time Of War, Strong Courage, Not One To Panic,

Heart Of Peace Maker, As Well As Romantic.

A Radiant Smile Filled With Happiness And Cheer,

Those Were The Characteristics We Held So Dear.

Held Within That Lean Build Encased A Gentle Heart,

What A Kind Spirit To The Core And Every Part.

Battles Dealt Not Of His Choice With pride To Be Won,

Noble Love Of Parents Shall Honor Thy Son.

Hence, Mother’s Reflection Of A School-Time Story,

In His Youth Battle Won, His Triumph Glory.

Upon His Parents Guidance Ignore That Bully,

Again Mocked A Chicken, He’d Had Enough Truly.

Mom Granted Permission His Honor To Defend ,

To Halt The Aggressor Then Silent Strength Did Win.

A Respectful Loving Son That Filled Us With Pride,

Heavenly Father Comfort Our Souls And Guide.

Wish To Believe, A Soul So True, God Called Him Home,

Child Of God, A Short Time On Earth, In Heaven He’ll Roam.

Blessings Of Love Given Comfort Our Hearts To Mend,

Cherish The Memories Until We Meet Again.

Brother Lost But Never Forgotten

Dear Brother How We Miss You So,

Why Oh Why Did You Have To Go?

Went With Honor And Noble Pride,

Army Choppers Did You Love To Ride.

Recall That Strong Tall Lean Physique,

You Left So Young And At Your Peak.

From Shiny Dark Brylcreem-Slick Hair,

Against A Shy Freckled Face So Fair.

Hung That Trademark Stray Lock Of Mid-Brow,

Sweeping Hazel-Green Eyes On Bow.

Soft Spoken Words From Crooked Smile,

Did Comfort Any Woe And Trial.

Generous And Thoughtful In Fact,

Could Give The Shirt Off Your Back.

Protective And Kind To Be Sure,

Sibling Pride So Honest And Pure.

Throughout Life Trust And Valor Shown,

Did Shoulder Self Blame Of Your Own.

To Save Truant Teens Sis-N-Friends,

Be Sure Young Lives Saved In The End.

Would Not Give The Keys From Your Hip,

For Two Hundred Fifty Mile Trip.

Always The Protector And Friend,

Safety From Above You Send.

So Brother Angel To Safe Keep,

Till Heaven’s Rewards We Will Reap.

Sonny Boles served with Gary and was Gary’s Best Friend in Vietnam. Sonny remembers Gary this way.

Gary and I were very close in Nam. He would come to me for advice or questions. He dearly loved to fly and gun from a chopper. I cautioned Gary numerous times about being more safe and not taking chances by riding on the skids with an M60 in one hand and holding on with the other. Gary so loved to fly that he would get so involved with the flight and nothing else was on his mind. He was a very good CE and took pride in his helicopter.

The old “B” model with the chunker in the nose was a very dangerous machine. It was a weak take off and was bad to lose power in a “hover” mode. I think it proved to be the death of Gary.

I will never forget Gary and he will always be in my prayers and thoughts. This is my blog for Gary. God Bless and keep him until we can all join him on the TOG.

Love you Gary.

Gary Evans was assigned to Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (AM) on November 7, 1967. He was killed In Action on June 13, 1968. I served with Gary as well. He was a very good man and a very good soldier. For his heroic action in Vietnam Gary was awarded the Purple Heart, the Air Medal, The National Defense Service Medal, The Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal and Flight Wings. Gary was a Door Gunner on an UH-1H Helicopter.