Ray G. Davis

Posted on March 21, 2010


Ray was assigned to Charlie Troop on July 28, 1968 and was Killed in Action on July 14, 1969. Ray was awarded the following medals: Air Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and a set of Crew Member Wings. Ray was a Crew Chief on an Uh-1C Helicopter.

Ms. Ward:

I knew your uncle quite well, as I was his door gunner on a Charlie Model gunship. Like many of the troopers in Charlie Troop, he was very competent in his MOS and fearless in combat.

On one occasion, in the dusk of the evening as we made a run on an enemy position in support of an infantry unit, the ‘chunker’ jammed. This was a forward gun under the nose of the bird that fired M-40 grenade rounds. The pilots found a clearing and took the chance of landing for the purpose of fixing the jam. No sooner had we set down than Ray jumped out and directed me to cover him. Using a screwdriver, and under the pressure of time and imminent danger, he unjammed the gun and returned to his M-60 on the right side of the ship. As quickly as we had landed, we were off the ground and back on our run against the enemy position.

Say a prayer for Ray and the other Charlie troopers who did not come home alive.

John Wand Sacca


If any family member or friend reads this blog, please contact me as I am looking for pictures and personal stories about this brave man.