Ronald E. Roberts

Posted on April 3, 2010


Roberts R W (1)

Ronald was assigned to Charlie Troop on June 10, 1968 and was Killed in Action on December 29, 1968. I served with Ronald. He was a good man and he was dedicated to his team. Ronald was a Door Gunner on an OH-6A Observation Helicopter. Ronald was awarded the Purple Heart, the Air Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal and a set of Crew Member Wings.

If any family member or friend reads this blog, please contact me as I am looking for pictures and personal stories about this brave man.

I don’t know about other units in Vietnam, but in C troop 1/9 Scouts we rarely used first names when we talked to each other or identified some one.  This being said, I served with Roberts (Ronald E.) in Viet Nam.  We spent personal time together as well as going on missions together.  Those missions were called White missions.  Where two OH-6A (LOH’s) would travel in close proximity to find the bad guys.  Roberts was a good friend and a fine soldier. I was with Roberts the night before and spoke with him shortly the morning that we lost him. I remember little of our time there but do however remember Roberts having a great sence of humor.  I do not have any photo’s of Roberts, only good memories of him. As a side note, I believe we rarely used first names because we all knew that the chance of survival was slim and using first names seemed too personal.  You see, being too personal (close) meant more pain when someone was lost.  That’s a hell of a thing to say, but that’s the way it was.

Rennie Norris