Cordis R. White

Posted on April 4, 2010


Cordis “Ray” White was assigned as an Infantryman or “Grunt” as they were  called. Cordis was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Good Conduct Medal,  National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal.

Ray’s Niece, Debby, contacted me. I have loaded the pictures that she has sent me and a short story about her “Uncle Ray”.  Cordis White was born into a family with a total of 10 children. One child died at 18 months and two died at birth. Cordis’s brother Donnie was Killed in Vietnam on March 5, 1967 while assigned to “A” Troop 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry of 25 Infantry Division. Donnie was also an Infantryman.


  This photo was taken just before Donnie departed for Vietnam.  In the back row is Cordis (Ray), Tom and Donnie. In the middle row is Jack, Cordis, Helen, John and Bill. Lucille is standing in the front.

     Cordis (Ray)  niece write:

Stories about my Uncle Ray: I remember very little about my uncle Ray. That is something that bugs me to have so few memories of him but that does not keep me from trying to keep him alive. I do remember hearing the story about when he was younger. He held a paper up in front of his face and one of the other boys shot a BB gun at him. The BB went through the paper chipping his front tooth. We have no idea if they meant to shoot the gun or if they just thought it would not go through the paper, but with all those boys and all their friends there is no telling what they were up too!

I have been told he loved to put puzzles together with his parents, I remember at my grandparents house there was always a puzzle setting out to be put together. He loved detail and was meticulous with things, my aunt says he most likely would have stayed in the service. I remember he was a quiet man and when he married Verna, he was very happy.












Ray’s neice Debby sent me the following pictures she took. The Senior Class of 1969 rededicated a section of the town’s park to honor those classmates that were killed In Action and Our Missing in Action (MIA’s).